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Author's Note: These stories contain fiction of an adult nature. They may contain themes involving Incest, under age sex, rape, bestiality, drugs or alcohol abuse. If these subjects make you uncomfortable please exit now. These stories are meant for the entertainment of adults as defined by your local government or society, if you are below this age please exit now. The author does not condone or encourage anyone to act in real life the way the characters depicted in these stories act.

This area of the Internet is for adults only, if you arrived here by mistake please select this button to jump to a more suitable place.

There are 8 stories published in 2009 and 14 stories in 2010

There are 11 stories published in 2011 and 49 stories in 2012

There are 35 stories published in 2013 and 34 stories in 2014

There are 40 stories published in 2015 and 37 stories in 2016

There are 40 stories published in 2017 and 39 stories in 2018

There are 37 stories published in 2019 and 36 in 2020

There are 35 stories published in 2021 and 19 in 2022

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