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Published : 22 Augest 2022


Davey's Journey Side Story - Henry's New Neighbor Part 1
by RealGood2020

Story Code: m15, g8, mast, fondle, nosex

Today... just sucked.

School was just school, which also sucked.

Most lessons were just boring as Hell. The breaks between classes were too short and combined with crowded hallways and one classroom being too far away from another damn near caused me to be late to most of my classes. While this was bad enough what made the day even worse was some problems I was having with women.

First was the fact that I kept seeing my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend, and every time I saw them together they acted all lovey-dovey. I had no idea if this was intentional to make me mad, which it did but I did my best to not let my anger show, or if they were acting like that because they were really in love. Either way, it pissed me off.

“I don't know why it pisses me off, cause she does it all the time with him,” I said to myself as I was walking home, “maybe it's because she wouldn't do so with me.”

It was true, she wasn't very close to me in public. Hell, we rarely even went out on dates, and even then we only went out to the movies, where we probably wouldn't be seen anyways. It's almost like she didn't want people to know we were a couple. I know her parents made more money than mine, but the guy she was dating now his family is probably about as well off as mine, if not a little less so, so it couldn't be because of, what's that word that Davey used to suggest why she broke up with me in the first place? Status I believe.

Plus the guy, while he was pretty damn smart, was a bit of a trouble maker, and didn't seem to know or care when he should shut his mouth. True, he didn't go out of his way to insult a person, but if he wanted to give his opinion, he was going to give it, and he didn't give a damn if you cared about it or not. That is what tended to get him in trouble a lot.

“Maybe she just likes bad boys that she thinks she can change,” I said to myself as I got a few houses away from my own home before whispering, “at least I got to bang her a couple of times.”

Now granted she wasn't the first girl I had sex with, in fact, she was the third, but damn it she was the best.

Besides seeing her with her new boyfriend having the effect of making me both jealous and angry, it also made me feel a bit lonely. So today I finally asked out a girl that I had been wanting to ask out even before I started dating my now ex-girlfriend.

She turned me down.

I figured it wouldn't be difficult because I'd never seen or known her to go out with any other guys. Well, there was a reason for that. She was a lesbian.

When she told me this I apologized to her and said that I never knew. She laughed this and said, “I thought everyone knew that! I've been with my girlfriend for a year now.”

Now that did surprise me, and the only thing I could do was ask, “who?”

She told me who, and while I knew the girl was bisexual, I thought she might have been asexual because she never really showed any interest in anybody, male or female.

I sighed, slightly dejected, but at least she tried to cheer me up and told me that she was sure that there was a girl out there in this world for me.

“Even when she rejects someone she's still kind to them,” I thought to myself as I walked up the walkway to my front door.

I looked over to my neighbor's and saw the new neighbor's moving in. A large moving truck had been there yesterday, and the husband and wife were directing several large men where to place their furniture and other household items. The truck was gone, and the family was moving their smaller and probably more delicate items into their new home, via an SUV and a truck.

Besides just the husband and wife, there was one more person there. A child. A little girl to be exact, and I had to admit a very pretty little girl at that. She had dark brown hair and a slightly darkened skin tone like her parents, which told me their family was from south of the border, as my dad would like to say, but after overhearing them I could tell they were American.

The girl's outfit was pretty revealing too. A black, sleeveless top that just covered her chest, and short jean shorts.

The outfit gave me a good view of her body, and I probably would have asked her out if it wasn't for the sheer fact that she was a preteen, rather than a teenager. Hell, she probably wasn't even in the double digits yet.

She might not have been a teenager's wet dream, but she certainly would have been a pedophile's wet dream. Yet, I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her, which was probably a bad thing, because she had noticed me looking at her.

Fortunately, instead of getting creeped out, she just smiled and waved and said, “Hi! I'm Alice.”

I waved back and said, “Hi. I'm Henry. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

I was about to head on inside, but the little girl came over and held out her hand. I took it and shook it. I then told her, “it's nice to meet you Alice, but I have to head inside and start doing my homework.”

This was true, I did have homework. I could have done it later on tonight, but I'm one of those types of people that like to get this kind of stuff done and over with, just in case something happens.

Alice just rolled her eyes at this, and commented, “that sucks. I have to do that too later after I help mommy and daddy get everything inside.”

Speaking of helping her mother and father, her mother called out, “Alice.”

Alice let out an 'eek' and told me, “sorry. Got to go. Nice to meet you, Henry.”

I smiled and told her, “nice to meet you too, Alice.”

She ran back to help her parents, and I gave her mother a small smile and a wave, which she returned before continuing to take stuff out of her SUV.

I then went inside my own house, trying to hide the fact that I had a hard-on, and hoped that Alice hadn't noticed that I had one the entire time I was talking to her.

Now having an erection wasn't weird for me at all. The fact that I was pretty sure it was Alice that caused me to have one was.

I got done with homework around five o'clock, and probably would have gotten done a little bit sooner if it wasn't for the fact that my mind was distracted from all the stuff that happened at school today, plus meeting my new neighbors' kid, whom I had to admit was pretty, and I know I shouldn't be thinking this about a girl that probably wasn't even in double digits in terms of age, was quite sexy, especially in the outfit she was wearing.

I shook those thoughts out of my head, and told myself, trying to justify my thoughts, “you're just lonely and horny, Henry, that's all. You do 'not' want to bang a grade-schooler.”

I would have gone and jerked off, which would hopefully have eased my horniness, but my parents had come home around 4:30, so giving myself some one-handed stress relief wouldn't happen just yet.

We had dinner, and I excused myself afterward to go for a little walk on the path in the woods behind my house. This was nothing unusual, as I did this all the time. What I didn't tell them was that I was planning to jerk off while out there.

I got a little ways away from my house and sat down on a bench that was next to the trail that a neighbor had installed years ago. I took out a small package of tissues from my back pocket, and was about to whip it out and go to town, when a familiar voice called out, “Hi Henry! Whatcha doing?”

“Damnit,” I thought to myself as I put my tissues back into my pocket and told her, “just enjoying the night air.”

That at least was somewhat true, but mostly I was out here to enjoy... myself.

Instead of going away, she came right up and sat down next to me, and I mean 'next' to me. Her leg and arm were physically touching mine.

I honestly had no idea what the hell to do right now. I was hoping she would go home. Instead she pretty much just snuggled right next to me and even placed her head on my shoulder.

I was hoping she was just trying to act cute, and I thought she was until she said, “I noticed you had a hard-on when I came up to you after school.”

“Oh shit, she had noticed,” I thought to myself and quickly came up with an excuse, “Umm, I saw a good-looking girl earlier today.”

“Damnit” I cussed to myself internally, “I should have said something like, “I just get those.”

Alice giggle and asked, “Was it me? I know sometimes guys get hard-ons when they see me.”

That didn't surprise me. She was a very pretty girl, and if she regularly wore what she was wearing right now, then she would give lots of guys hard-ons. Even guys that weren't pedophiles, which I wasn't.

“Umm... I... umm...” honestly, I didn't know what to say. It was a good thing it was dark out, otherwise, she would have seen me start to turn red. Or maybe she did see me turn red because she brushed the tips of her fingers against my cheek.

“Is she trying to seduce me?” I thought to myself, and quickly got confirmed when she whispered into my ear, “it's okay if you think I'm pretty. I think you're handsome too.”

“I... umm... need to get home,” I told her, not needing to, but I felt I had to get out of this situation before it escalated into something illegal, at least for me.

I was about to get up when she did something that kind of surprised me. She placed her knees on the bench, turned my head to face hers, and kissed me, right on the lips.

It wasn't like a highly sexual kiss, like a French kiss or anything like that, but it was a kiss, and it lasted several seconds.

She finally broke the kiss, and told me, “I have to get home too. I need to get ready for the first day at my new school.”

I was still stunned by what this little girl had just done, and the only thing I could say was, “umm... okay.”

Alice just giggled and hopped off the bench. She gave me a wave, and I weakly returned the gesture as she turned and headed home.

I sat there for a few more minutes, wondering what the hell just happened.

I had come out here to masturbate in private, the young pretty new neighbor girl interrupted me before I could pleasure myself, she talks about me having a hard-on, and then kisses me before heading home.

After I was able to finally come to my senses I stood up, and headed back home, having never been able to pleasure myself.

As I entered my house it finally dawned on me, “where the Hell did this kid learn all this sexual stuff?”

I went to school the next day, and honestly, the only thing I could do was focus on the lessons in my classes, because if I didn't then I would be thinking about what happened last night with Alice.

Still, I did think about her between classes. I didn't want to, but it still happened because I didn't have anything else to focus on. Hell, even my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend didn't bother me, which I think may have gotten her a little ticked off.

“Why the hell would she care if I noticed her,” I thought to myself as I sat outside and ate some lunch. Although to be honest with me, the fact that ignoring my ex-girlfriend pissed her off made me laugh a little inside.

“Hey, Henry” a familiar voice called out to me.

I waved at the guy who was the owner of said voice, “hey Davey.”

Davey sat next to me, and told me, “good way to piss off your ex. I told you simply ignoring her and pretending she didn't even exist was the right way to go with her, and might even make her mad... which it did.”

I shrugged and admitted, “I wasn't intending to piss her off today. The reason why I didn't notice her is because I've been distracted today. Got stuff on my mind.”

“Really,” he asked, seemingly a bit concerned, “what's going on.”

“My new neighbors moved in yesterday” I began, “and they have a daughter.”

“Ahh,” he said, in an all-knowing voice, “and let me guess, you were instantly smitten with her?”

I looked at him funny and sarcastically asked, “which century are you from?”

Without even a hint of humor in his voice, Davey answered, “the wrong one.”

I paused for a moment, then burst out in laughter at my friend's sarcasm. I then answered him, “I will admit she is very pretty, and I'm pretty sure she has a crush on me. The only problem is her age.”

Davey thought about what I said for a couple of seconds before asking me, “Is she older than you? Or younger?”

“She's younger” I informed him, not adding any other details.

Still, Davey inquired, “what are we talking about? A year younger? Two? Three?”

I shook my head and admitted, “I think she may be about seven or eight. She hasn't told me her age, and I can't tell what her age is either, because she's pretty petite.”

Davey sat there for several seconds thinking about what I just told him before he burst out laughing.

I gave him a look that said 'stop laughing you asshole', and he finally did after several seconds before apologizing, “I'm sorry dude, but that's just so damn funny what you told me.”

I still had a bit of a peeved look on my face, but still asked, “so what the hell should I do about this?”

Davey removed the grin from his face, and put on his serious thinking face, even stroking his chin for a few seconds before answering, “just be nice to her. Don't be an asshole or ignore her, but also don't go out of your way to see her. She's in a new place and a new school, so she needs all the friends she can get. Besides, what makes you think she has a crush on you?”

I hesitated for a moment before admitting to him, “we were outside in the woods behind my house, and she told me she noticed that I had a hard-on earlier.”

Davey rolled his eyes, and asked me, “so what the hell did you tell her?”

“Basically that it was common for teenage guys to have them,” I told him, “and that I had seen a pretty girl at school.”

Davey pointed his finger at me and said, “good call.”

I should have stopped at that, but still, I continued, “then she asked if she was pretty.”

“And what did you tell her,” Davey asked me, hoping I gave the right answer.

I took a deep breath, and admitted, “I told her she was. I didn't want to upset her, and it was the only thing I could think of without actually making her upset.”

Davey nodded his head at this and said, “good call. Did anything else happen?”

I hesitated for a few seconds before finally telling him, “she... kissed me.”

“On the cheek,” Davey asked, wondering what kind of kiss she gave me.

“On the lips,” I told him, and then admitted, “and it wasn't just a little peck either. It lasted several seconds.”

“You didn't... hold her there, did you? Or use tongues” Davey asked, a little shocked by what I told him.

I shook my head and told him, “Hell no I didn't hold her there, and we sure as Hell didn't French, although something tells me she knows how too, but where the Hell she would find out how to do something like that or even know what a hard-on is I have no idea.”

Davey shrugged and said, “from the internet. Mostly likely from a porn site, or one of those sites that have sex stories.”

I thought about that for a second before telling him, “I find that hard to believe. Her parents don't seem like the type who wouldn't monitor what she's doing on the internet.”

Davey shrugged again, and informed me, “you can never be too sure about that. Plus kids are smart. They can find ways around that, or just get that stuff from a friend. There are lots of ways for kids to get porn these days. It's not like back when our parents were our age and they pretty much had to get their porn from a friend that copied it from a tape that's already been copied from another tape and is all grainy as Hell.”

I joked and said, “yeah, we no longer live in the stone age.”

Davey laughed at that and told me, “look. She's just a kid. She probably doesn't even know what she's doing. Just be nice to her and try to use your head.”

Davey stood up, and was about to walk off before telling me, “your big head that is, not your little one.”

As my friend walked off I mumbled, “thanks for reminding me.”

I just hoped when I got home to remember that.

I got home a little later than normal, mostly because I wanted to walk some of the trails in the woods by the park near the school to hopefully help clear my head. It did help a little, but not as much as I hoped because I saw some of the girls in our cross-country team running around the park and along the trails, and damn it, they got me hard again.

“At least it's girls close to my age getting me hard,” I thought to myself as I went into the house.

I looked over to my new neighbor's and saw that Alice and her mother were heading on in. This time Alice was wearing something more modest than she was yesterday. “I guess they would have sent her home if she wore the outfit to school she wore yesterday” I mumbled as I waved back at the pair after they had waved at me.

I went inside and immediately started my homework, glad I could avoid having another 'incident' with my young neighbor right now.

It took me about three hours to finish my homework, the amount being larger than normal. After I got done I went outside while my mother made dinner.

I sat out on my porch, enjoying the slight coolness in the air when some music started to come from next door. I looked over and saw Alice, now wearing a less modest outfit than the one she was wearing earlier and was dancing to the music.

Now, normally when a child dances unless they have taken dance classes the dancing is, well... childish and amusing to watch. What Alice was doing on the other hand looked more... adult-like. Like something you would see in a music video, rather than something you would expect to see in a children's dance class.

For all I knew she could have learned such moves in a children's dance class. They weren't all adult-looking, and maybe whoever taught her such moves didn't realize how adult-looking some of them were.

I decided not to think about it anymore, and just continued to admire her dancing.

I watched her for about half an hour until she finally went inside. I wasn't sure if it was because she had to go eat, or she just got tired, or if she had some homework to do, but the fact was she went in, and my little sexy preteen dance show ended.

I shook my head at this, and scolded myself, “stop thinking of her as being sexy. She's just a little kid. Her age probably isn't even in the double digits yet.”

I went inside a few minutes later and waited for dinner to be served.

After I was done eating I went out back to that little trail behind my house. I needed to walk off my meal, and hopefully get rid of all my thoughts about Alice.

“Maybe if she just didn't wear the outfits she wore...” I shook that train of thought out of my head. It wasn't her fault I was having images coming to my head where I fantasized about having sex with her. It was mine.

These thoughts started to worry me a little. The only person who I had told about this situation was Davey, and I hadn't even told him that I was attracted to her, although I do think he figured out that I was. He is rather smart.

I sat on the bench that was close to my house along the trail, and thought about jerking off finally, which is something I hadn't done for the past three days!

I was only half-hard and would have taken out my phone so I could look at some pictures that would have helped me get to full hard-on, but a voice called out that got me to full hard-on even faster.

“Hi, Henry,” Alice said, as she came up and sat right next down by me. She then asked, “were you trying to jerk off again?”

“Umm... no,” I stammered out before asking, “And do you even know what 'jerk-off' means?

Alice just giggled and answered, “it's where you rub your private parts until you come.”

I honestly was surprised by this. I knew that kids this age would have 'dirty talk'. Hell, I did that at her age, but only with friends around my age, not some teenager that I just met. I didn't know what to do, so I just asked, “where did you learn about that stuff?”

She got a bit of a sad look on her face, which made me slightly regret asking her, but she soon told who, “my neighbor did.”

“Your neighbor from your last house?” I asked, just to confirm what I suspected.

Alice nodded her head, and told me, “she was eight, like me, and had two younger sisters. One was seven, and the other one was six.”

“Kinda strange that the three are so close in age” I commented.

“They were adopted” she explained, “they're not biologically related.”

“Well that makes sense,” I thought to myself before inquiring, “how did she teach you? Did she just tell you about it?”

Alice nodded her head and said, “yeah, and she showed me how to too.”

It took me a moment to fully understand just want she was saying before I finally asked, “you mean she... taught you how you could jerk-off yourself?”

Alice smiled and nodded her head before telling me, “yeah! Just like this!”

The little eight-year-old pulled down her shorts and panties and started to rub her slit, even fingering herself.

The sight was amazing. True, I had seen girls masturbate before, but never by someone this young. I should have stopped watching. Hell, I should have stopped her from playing with herself, but I just couldn't. I wanted to use my hand to get her off, or better yet, my mouth or even my dick!

I shook that thought out of my head, and just sat there, watching her rub and finger her vagina for a couple of minutes until she finally came, shaking a bit and moaning loudly.

“God, I hope nobody heard her,” I thought to myself as she removed her hand from her private parts, and sat there catching her breath.

I thought about getting down on my knees and using my mouth to bring her to another orgasm. I thought about it, but still didn't do it, because she was just way too young for me to do that. It was one thing for her to play with herself, but to have a fifteen-year-old boy start eating you out, that would be crossing the line.

Besides, I don't want to give oral sex to an eight-year-old girl. I mean, I just thought about performing oral sex on her, but I do not want to perform oral sex on her. If she was at least five years older I would have no problem going down on her, but she was way too young for me to even consider doing that.

Yet, I had considered doing that. I had to fight myself from going down on her. I had no idea if she would want me to, but considering she had just masturbated in front of me, I'm pretty sure she would have.

While I was lost in thought debating with myself about what to do, Alice pulled my head down to hers, and began to tongue kiss me!

“Where the hell did she learn how to do this,” I thought to myself as she put her tongue in my mouth, “maybe from her friend?”

I finally just said to Hell with my barriers and the age difference. No one was out here, and clearly, she liked me, so I returned her action and placed my tongue into her mouth as well.

We kept kissing for a couple of minutes, and I don't know what caused me to do so, but I decided to get bolder and lift her shirt, a black tank top similar to the one she was wearing yesterday that just covered up her chest.

I had just uncovered her nipples, and even rubbed them a little with my fingers before a voice called out, “Alice.”

“Damnit,” I thought to myself, “why did her mom have to interrupt our fun?”

If I was being honest with myself, it was best her mom call out for her, because I believe if she didn't I and Alice would end up having sex, and as sexy as she is, I don't want to have sex with an eight-year-old. Hell, what just happened out here went too damn far, and I'm honestly not sure I can tell anyone about it.

I knew I couldn't tell anyone about it. I would probably go to jail if I did. I just had to shut up about what we did out here, and hope Alice does the same.

“Aww, shit,” Alice said in a very adult-like manner, “I thought you would be able to suck my tits.”

“Where the Hell did she learn such language,” I thought to myself before I shrugged and gave both of her nipples a quick suck.

“I'm this far in, might as well gone and do it,” I thought to myself.

Alice gave me a quick kiss, and then pulled down her shirt and pulled up her shorts. She then said to me, “thanks Henry” and ran on back to her home.

I sat there, wondering what the Hell I had just done, and trying to figure out how I can stop it before we go any further.

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