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My stories are usually stand alone and as such they are complete, sometimes I am asked to write a little more and so a part 2 is born, all stories are left open ended and so may seem incomplete, the ending is to encourage the reader to imagine the rest of the story for themselves or to ask for more!

Webmistress Note: From time to time Rose's fans come across long lost stories that Rose wrote and posted either as private stories for her friends or that she posted on long since closed websites. If you have a story stored on your own PC or if you come across one of Rose Eastmann's stories on line that doesn't appear on her stories index please let Isabella know at

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Tracey part 1
Tracey part 2
Tracey part 3

Tracey was a Nottingham woman just trying to start a family, she finds her husband is trying to prevent her falling pregnant and she goes a little off the rails and discovers a whole new side to herself and what sex is all about! First written 222 September 2002 (Pt 1 = 23,649 Words, Pt 2 = 14,604 Words, Pt 3 = 27,436, Total = 65,689) m/F, M/F, M/M, Dogging, Exhibition, Voyeurism, Inter-Racial, First Time

Photography class

It started out as a simple photography class but 'developed' into something more! First written 222 September 2002 (2,073 Words) b/g, m/f, M/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism


This is a story about Rose as a sixteen year old taking her first faultering footsteps in the adult world! first written 25 September 2002 (6,608 Words) M/f, Incest, Romance, First Time, Daddy-Daughter

Sally's story

This story was written by Rose in 1999 for a site called 'Sally's Sexy Stories' and has kindly been submitted by Brian from South Africa for reposting om Rose's page to help her collection become more complete. (14,975 Words) Under Age, M/F, M/g, Beast

Abby Was Next

Rose wrote this story 5 years ago and a fan brought it to my attention just today, after tracking it down i converted it to HTML and posted it here - Isabella
A mother is raped by her 13 year old daughter's boyfriend, there are drugs and pain involved and Abigail the youngest daughter was next! (4,125 Words)
MFf, ped, nc, rp, v, intr, drugs
Educating Sarah and Anna Colin was one of Rose's friends from her days as a story writer on Ten years ago, Rose wrote a story for Colin but as he was very well known in the area around Bestwood Country Park, he didn't want her to post his story on her public page. When Yahoo closed Rose lost many stories that were saved in hidden folders. Colin recently contacted Rose to tell her that as he had retired and he no longer lived in Nottingham she could post his story on her public page at last. I contacted Colin on Rose's behalf, explained that there was no record of the story he mentioned. Unbelievably, Colin still had a copy of the story on his computer after ten years. I had to do a little cosmetic work on the story, a little re-writing to bring the story more into line with the rest of the stories on Rose's page. - Isabella
Two very young girls on holiday from school look bored so one of their neighbours arranges a little additional education, just to brighten up everyone's lives! (5,467 Words)
M/g, M/gg, M/F, Anal, Under Age, Public, First Time, Masturbation, Facial, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

A Kind of Swing

A married couple, no children, living comfortably in suburbia, she discovers a swinging new neighbour.

This is an old story, re-discovered after an email thanking me for writing it, I cleaned it up a little and posted it here. (5,376 Words)

M/F, Incest, Intergenerational.
Abandoned in the Car Park A husband and wife decide to spice up a mediocre life. (3,219 Words) rom
Adventure A husband and wife start to spice up their lives with the help of another man, he though has designes on the children as well. (21,416 Words) MMF, Ped, beast

Aegean Holiday

Middle aged couple get rid of the kids and go on their first holiday in ten years. John has won a bet which means that his wife has to agree to do everything he asks her to do. First in a series of stories hopefully!

This is an old story, re-discovered after an email thanking me for writing it, I cleaned it up a little and posted it here. (5,613 Words)

This story got a good reaction from my readers and lots of requests for a part 2, as i have stopped writing for the time being Isabella wrote the new part and posted it in her area which you can link to from Here

MF, exh, voy, bd, swing, beast


a Family that falls pregnant together stays together (11,561 Words) M/F, Mg, Ped, pregnancy.
Alex an Electricians Tale An electrician working in a brothel decides to take a peek and finds out more than he wanted to know. (2,682 Words) M/F, rape, anal, prostitution

Any Oppotyunity

Sian's father in law will take any opportunity for sex, Sian gives him the perfect one.

This is an old story, re-discovered after an email thanking me for writing it, I cleaned it up a little and posted it here. (1,772 Words)

M/F, Incest, Intergenerational, Blackmail, Impregnation.
Carls Story Carl is a preditor, any woman will do for him, especially if she is under age. (6,052 Words) Grooming
Colin and Aunty Sue Colin was a super fit 14 year old footballer, he is forced into close proximity with his Aunty who he hardly knew, after his trip he is no longer a little boy. (4,071 Words) FF/m-teen, Ped, Inc, 1st, Rom
Coy A simple naturists tale set in Austrailia. (4,323 Words) MM/F, Anal, Swing, Rom
Dalmation Girl A woman teaches her daughters friend how to have safe sex but condoms don't come into it. (3,524 Words) F/f-teen, beast

Dee's Story

A married woman play's with fire to spice up her and her friend's lives, then she meets Carl and things get out of hand.

This is an old story, re-discovered after an email thanking me for writing it, I cleaned it up a little and posted it here. (10,060 Words)

M+/F, beast, bondage, oral, C/P.
Dogging It was just a case of taking the dog for a walk, unfortunately she didn't have a dog, (3,339 Words) Exhibition, voyerism, Dogging

Elle and Sam

A mother with two children finds out through the post that her very young daughter isn't as innocent as she was supposed to be.

This is an old story, re-discovered after an email thanking me for writing it, I cleaned it up a little and posted it here. (14,003 Words)

M/F, M/g+, Incest, Intergenerational, N/C, Rape.
Encounter A housewife discovers K9 sex and more. (7,305 Words) Exhibition, voyerism, K9


Emma is a young undevelloped girl looking for acceptance and a way out of her lonely life, she finds a miricle drug that I will be looking to devellope and sell at some point in the future, I'll make a million! (18,754 Words) M+F, Mg, beast, drugs, NC.

Family Move

A family is planning a move from London to Nottinghamshire, but the husband is planning far more than just a move, he wants a complete lifestyle overhaul. (11.957 Words)

MMFg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, beast, mast, oral, anal, hypno, mc

It could happen to your daughter

Single mother at fourteen years old, a runaway, used by pedafiles, drug adicts and it looks like her young daughter is going to follow in mums footsteps. (6,084 Words) M+F, Mg, b/g, Voyer, Exhibition, Incest, ped, first time.
It happened on a sunny afternoon A dreamy hot summers afternoon, a woman sunbathing in the garden and a rape, or was it? (2,339 Words) Rape, Fantasy
Jack and Mary New to naturism, Jack finds the wilder side of a swinging naturist club. (5,934 Words) M+/F M/f-teen, ped, drink, roleplay
JayCee Another wife forced into prostitution story. (2,602 Words) M+/F, Prostitution

Just a Housewife

Forced by circumstances to work as a prostitute, delving into the criminal underworld with Kurt, a German pimp and all round bad egg, including, strangely for me, a Lesbian scene. (29,828 Words)

Prostitution, M+/F, les
Lucy Tricked into prostitution and rape. (11,929 Words) Rape, light Violence
Lynne's Fantasy Lynne was just an ordinary mother but when her son's fifteenth birthday arrived things changed. (12,225 Words) F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, rom
Michelle's fantasy Michaelle and I chatted in the early days of MSN chattrooms before Bill Gates closed them down, Michaelle was a bi-curious young woman who wanted a loving lesbian comming of age story! (32,625 words) FFFFFFFFF lesbian action
My First Naturist Holiday Cap d'Agda is now called the swingers capotal of Europe but back when this story was written is was an ordanary Naturist camp with a little extra at night. This story is an account of my first naturist holiday and the effect it had on my family. (28,000 Words)
(Unfortunately when I wrote this story it had extreemly long paragraphs and needs a re-write)
Exhibitionism, Voyerism, M+/F, Beast, Incest, Ped
Night out with the Lads 2 This story was written in responce to a gurst story by Steve drom Serbyshire. (12,050 Words) M+/F, Swing
Night Watchman A young girl breakes into a warehouse and gets an unusual punishment. (2,881 Words) M/f-teen, beast

Rebecca's Puppy Love

a mother living in Bournmouth with her children leades her daughters into places where sex is freely available for the very young children (14,854 Words) M/g, F/b, M+g, beast.
Siblings A poor family, bright daughter, 'Jock' son, over worked mother, perfect for family love. (8,025 Words) Incest, Bro / Sis, Mother / Son
Sue's Fantasy Story A bored housewife stumbles into an Internet game that is more real than reality itself! (32,885 Words) Group, F+/M+, F/g+, pee, rom
The Beach can be a dangerous place A mother takes her children to the beach and finds out just how dangerous it can be. (6,164 Words) M/F, M/g, Pedo
The Masquerade Fantasy family sex party. (3,376 Words) Exhibition, voyerism
The shopkeeper Small village shopkeeper finds a fun way to increase proffit in her small store. (11,411 Words) Prostitution
Tina's New World Tina is a bored and ignored housewife who finds an unusual way ro spend her days and begins to turn into a slut. (14,921 Words) M/F, impregnation, beast
Toben's Fantasy A father looking after his daughter, she has a rather special birthday treat in mind. (9,999 Words) M/f-teen, ped, Incest, beast
Trouble at home 14 year old school girl looks after things at home and further afield in her own special way. (2,603 Words) M/f-teen, ped, Incest, drink
Truant 15 year old school girl, outcast and lonely is sucked into a dangerous liaison while playing truant. (6,305 Words) M+/f-teen, ped, intr, 1st, drink and drugs
Walk in the Woods This is a cautionary tale about meeting strangers. (1,270 Words) M/F, Anal, Exhibition, Voyerism
The Wedding This story follows the adventures of a virgin bride and her very sexually experianced exhibitionist husband. (8,227 Words)
(Unfortunately when I wrote this story it had extreemly long paragraphs and needs a re-write)
M+/F, Iner-ratial, Exhibition, Voyerism
Young Girls Crush It's a story as old as the hills, young girls have always develloped crushes on older women, this time the girl acted on that srush! (3,172 Words) F/g, ped, crush, rom,
Zoo Club An ordenary woman meets a rather special friend and her pets. (7,797 Words) FFF/beasts, voy, bd, rom