John's Stories

Brogborough Picnic
An aborted picnic at Broghborough with the kids led to a life changing experience. This is a story of voyeurism and infidelity in Northamptonshire, nothing too strong but this is a first story.
MF, M-voy, F-exh, oral, swing, rom
Brogborough Picnic - 2
Brogborough Picnic was a first time sharing story, this story shows the wife taking a solo and her first ever anal experiance.
MF, anal
Willy and Marie
Just another husband and wife story, well not an ordanary story at all, many people tell true stories or so called true stories, this one is a story I was told by a man at the end of his tether, he was clinically depressed but the story he told me turned me on so much that i just had to share it with everyone.
MF, exh, mast, oral, anal, cuck, swing
Pervert Neighbour
A couple with a 13 year old daughter and too much involved in their own life to pay her the attention she needs. but there is a neighbour willing to look after her.
Mg, exh, oral, violence, breeding, ped, first time.
Spendthrift Wife
A young man marries a girl who has no real interest in married life, all she was looking for was a money pit to drain as quickly as she could. Heavily in debt her husband is given a poetic way out of his predicament when it is descovered that she has spent his bosses money as well.
Drugs, NC, Shaired wife, M+/F.


Sandy's Stories

An Under Age Thing
Just an ordanary mother having a rather extraordanary experiance.
MF, Fb, pedo
Greek Holiday
A mother and her 13 year old daughter come to an accomodation to make life a little easier while on holiday.
MF, Fg, pedo, rom


A day at the beach
Geoff was an old romantic, a beach-bum and as it turns out a pedophile.
Rom, pedo, Mg

Pete in Wales

My Daughter's First Time
A father is committing adultery with his secretary, she is also keen on incest so she arranges her employers daughter's first time with a man and then first time with her father!.
Rom, incest
Close Relations
A son and daughter-in-law stopping for a few days with his parents and things develope.
M/F, M/f, Rom, incest, beast


Andrew and Tess
Andrew has a fantasy Internet lover and she sends him a present on the heath.
Rom, fantasy, M/F

Steve from Derbyshire

A Night out with the lads
A husband and wife pick up a group of young men to give directions to a party, and then the evening turns 'Interesting'
Rom, fantasy, M+/F

Terry's Story

A Young Girl's Curiosity
A father is succomes to his daughter's curiosity while her mum is working through a stormy night!.
Rom, incest, first time

Bernie's Story

A young man in his first job is taken in hand, sexually, by a much older female co-worker!.
Rom, OlderF/m, Voyer
October 2009

Young and Old
A young man is picked up by a 'Cougar' and the encounter starts out being exciting but begins to turn weird!.
Rom, OlderF/m, Voyer, Exhibition, under age
November 2009

Joe's Story

A step daddy story!
M/g, Rom, Ped, first time
25 January 2010
Never trust a free babysitter!
M/g, NC Ped, Anal
27 January 2010

Ron's Story

Leroy - Deborah & Me
Three Internet friends meet for the first time for a weekend long orgy!
M+/F, Voyeur, Exhibition, Inter-racial

Rod's Stories

Working Abroad can be Tiresome But It Could Have Its Benefits Too!
Story withdrawn at authors request
09 November 2010

Richard's Story

Girl on a Mountain
Walking on a mountain, you can pick up some surprising things, but you never expect it to turn out to be a Teen-Godess!
M/f, non-penitration, masturbation
15 September 2011

Carol's Story

Helen's Daughter
A story of lesbian incest and under age sex by Carol!
F/g, g/g, Incest, Under Age
Chapter 1 23 November 2011
Chapter 2 14 October 2012
Mother Whore
A new story by Carol, Femail domination and incest!
F/F F-dom inc
Chapter 1 - 19 February 2012
Chapter 2 - 14 October 2012

Roger's Story

My First Voyeur Experience
I stumble across a boy and girl just about to have sex and can't stop myself watching them!
m/f, Voyerism
30 March 2012

Nervous virgin's virginity "fixed"
This is a first time story, a nervous virgin has her virginigy fixed!
m/f, First Time
30 March 2012

A few days with Aunt Jen
A young boy stops over at his mother's best friend house and she becomes his best friend too!
F/b, First Time
11 April 2012

First Teen Experiencrs
A young boy discovers a new friend in the woods after school!
Masturbation, m/f
27 April 2012

Donna's Good Deed
Two teenage boys were offered an opportunity to lose their virginity y a girl in their class!
mm/F, first time, Undersge
08 November 2017

14 year old boy and a sex doll Undersge
27 February 2019

Airborn's Story

Verity finds out why you should not go with strangers
A young girl discovers why her mother had been telling her not to go with strangers all those years!
M/g, F/g, Underage sex, First time, Voyeur, Exhibition, Rom, Mild N/C
New 23 June 2012

Bob's Story

My Best Griend the Party Plan Business Woman pt 6
Bob read the Isabella story in five parts and desided to write his own part 6!
M/g, M/F, M/b, b/g, M/M, F/g, g/g, beast, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Under Age, Incest
16 July 2012

James's Story (sunnyjim65@gmail.com)

A Chance Encounter
It's just amasing what you can get with your pint in a country pub these days!
M/F, Public Sex
11 September 2012
Forest Walk
It was one of those happy holiday encounters that seem like a dream at the time but bring back happy memories for many years to come!
M/F, MM/F, Public, Strangers, Wife Sharing, photograaphy, Exhibitionism
Pt1 08 October 2012
Pt2 13 November 2012
Chocolate Box Cottage
A fetish story for lovers of stockings and chocolate!
M/F, Food Fetish, Stocking Fetish
1 December 2012
A fetish story for lovers of stockings etc!
M/F, Clothing Fetish
09 January 2013
Dan, June and Jim's Christmas Play
Dan and June invite Jim to a Christmas playtime in the snow!
M/F, Clothing Fetish
05 February 2013
Linda And The Band
Jim and Linder meet at a gig and make beautiful music together!
M/F, Extra-marital, Stranger sex
07 April 2013
More than I bargained for
Strangers meet in a club!
M/F, Extra-marital, Stranger sex
04 July 2013


Joe Stevens Story

Elizabeth Jackson
A young girl, standing at the dawn of womanhood, but who to give her most precious gift to, who would appreciate her gift and make it memorable for her, or did her parent?s friend have a better idea, why not swap her virginity for a car?
M/f, First time, Pay-for-play
15 November 2013>

Anon's Story (Different Contributors who have asked to remain anonymouse)

Sunset Curls
A young girl and the chauffeur's son discover each other's body over time and they get caught fucking, the chauffeur's sin has to be punished but the girl's mother makes her daughter watch the boy's beating!
b/g, First time, Punishment, Under age Sex
08 June 2014
Concert in Thailand
A young teenage singer goes to Thailand to watch a concert being performed by another teenage boy! (previously posted on another site)
m/m, m/f, Incest, Under Age, Gay
06 July 2014
Safe Haven
This was a first attempt at a story that runs to 10 chapters, there was more but the rest of the story was lost (previously posted on another site)
Under Age, Mbb, Mbgg, MFBG
15 July 2014

Melissa's Story (strokers.place@gmail.com)

On Aunty Deirdre's Instructions

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 1 of a story from a new contributer ot Rose's guest page. Missy's teenage aunty is in trouble because of boys and has to live with Missy's family for a while. Aunty Deidre begins to teach her young neice all about boys and men.
g/f, f/M, f/m, g/b, Incest
24 August 2014

At My Sister's Pool

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Didi, an impressionable six year old girl. Spends a weekend with her married sister. Once there, she learns of her older sister's select little boys and girls club and about the sexual inclinations of the women who monitor it. It all unfolds at her sister's special pool party.
F/g, f/g, F/b, g/g, M/g, UnderAged Sex, Incest
30 August 2014
Maggie's Family Frolic
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Maggie, a precocious twelve year old girl, receives a special coming of age present on her birthday. Her Mom and Dad invite her to join the family circle of incest and promiscuity. Her two older sisters and brother are already participating members; Maggie must decide for herself. If she chooses to take part, she must enter their club without reservation, with eyes open, and of her own volition.
M/g, F/g, g/g, g/b, F/b, M/F, incest, group sex, cons, voyeur, exhibitionist, masturbation
08 September 2014

Pixie's Story (ppixie@bk.ru)

The Dirty Girl
This story was written with Isabella?s permission, and a little help, as a part 2 to Isabella?s story Gangs. Isabella is having a rough time after falling pregnant while being gang raped, the potential father of her unborn baby bumps into her in the street and offers her a chance to improve her life but at a cost!
M+/f, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex
18 August 2014

Muffin's Story (wana_feel_good@hotmail.com)

New Year's Eve
A young man, broke and looking for fun on New Year?s Eve gets an unusual offer from his mother, he misses the offer but his friend doesn?t!
M/F, Son's Friend, Intergeneration, incest
04 January 2015


The Chemist and Me, Part I
A young girl, her first job and discovering the wide world of sex all at the same time
M/f, Masturbation
19 April 2015
A Little Doggie Treat in the Rear View Mirror
A young girl, gets a lift home in a little car with a big dog that likes licking all over.
Teen, Voyeur, Beast
19 April 2015
A Farmer Watched Us
A young girl, gets a fucked on her way home from school with a farmer watching the whole thing.
m/f, Teen, Voyeur, Romance
20 April 2015
The Continuing Story of Sue and Robbie...
Inspired by Isabella and her On Heat Part 1 and Part 2
F/Dpg, Beast
21 April 2015
Erotic Moments
Mum and daughter enjoying a few 'Erotic Moments'
F/f, incest, Mum/Daughter
22 April 2015
The Bobbie Got Me... or how I found my purse
A young woman shows her gratitude to a policeman for finding her purse
26 April 2015
Date Night and the Uninvited Guest
Her usual date night with her boyfriend turns into even more fum when he brings his boss with him
27 April 2015
Sue and Robbie... A Confession at Four
Inspired by Isabella and her On Heat Part 1 and Part 2 and Rodgerthedodger's Part 3
M/F, F/Dpg, Beast
28 April 2015
Not just my toes got attention!
Mum loves Doggie, Too! What a morning it was!
pt 1. Getting ready for a date with her boyfriend turns into fun when her dog gets in on the act
F/Dog, Beast
pt 2. Mum came home early and I fond that she loved our doggie too. (1527 Words.)
01 May 2015
The Pub Wall parts 1 and 2
Young wife gives into temptation with a man from work!
M/F, Unfaithful Wife, Public Sex
05 May 2015
A Vow Broken...or was it?
the young unmarried couple made a vow to wait until after they were married for full sex but...
M+/F, Rape, Public sex, Exhibitionism, voyeurism
05 May 2015
Kitty, Kitty, All Over Again (4)
After work fun with different men and a dog.
M/F, F/Dog, Beast
06 May 2015
All Over Again
A Dirty Book: One More Chapter
pt 1, After school fun with her boyfriend and his dog.
py 2, After school fun with her boyfriend and his dog and they get ambushed during the act by five others
m/f, m+/f, f/Dog, Public Sex, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism Beast
07 May 2015
Still Another Bedtime Story
Men always talk about their sexual conquests and fantasies with the boys in the pub, well women do exactly the same but usually over coffee or lunch at work.
M/F, F/Dog, Beast
11 May 2015
The ?Baggage Car?
M/F, F/Dog, oral, Bestiality
Newly married couple, she had a long and very taboo history and wonders how to tell her husband! (1,831 Words.)
01 March 2017
A Story of Teen Love and more?
M/F, F/Dog, Bestiality
Newly married couple, she had a long and very taboo history and wonders how to tell her husband! (2,399 Words.)
01 March 2017
My New Friend: ?Mr. Emerson?
(1,792 Words.)
06 March 2017
Mr. Emerson has a surprise for Phyllis
(1,756 Words.)
07 March 2017
My Mom Meets Mr. Emerson
(2,443 Words.)
08 March 2017
A Story of Teen Love and more2!
(2,414 Words.)
20 May 2017
Roadside Accident: Part 1
MF, consensual, interracial
A car breaks down and a Good Samaritan offers to help…ending up giving the winsome lass a "ride" to remember. (1,642 Words.)
10 Feb 2018
Roadside Accident: Part 2
M/F, consensual, interracial
An accidental encounter by the road and a lady in distress is helped with her "ride" only to get a fantastic lift afterward. (2,724 Words.)
10 Feb 2018
A Tale of Sexy Little Laney R
M/ff, Beast
Winsome young Laney R. her best friend, her next door neighbor and his dog who she helps out; then He "helps" her out learning of joys in life! A true story. (3,612 Words.)
11 Feb 2018
Other surprises of a different kind come my way
Rape, F/M+
This is a true story told to me by the survivor. A comely lass was out with the girls then on the way home takes a short cut through the park, encountering some lustful lads who ask her to stop and chat. She demurs. They insist...forcably!. (1,563 Words.)
01 Mar 2018
I get really kinky with fiancé...and his dog.
M/F, Best, consensual
A hot woman is taught by her fiancé of a sexual joy about which she had never dreamed and will never forget. (2,289 Words.)
05 Mar 2018
Shock and Awe...and his dog.
M/F, Best, consensual
Son sees Mom with family dog; Mom has to explain what he has seen and more (1,675 Words.)
11 Mar 2018

Eric's Story

For Comments: badboy69house@gmail.com

Letter to Ms. Goodwater
Letter to Ms. Goodwater Pt2.
The kids in the apartment complex are bored and work out ingenious ways to get what they want from a married man who has recently moved into the complex, no matter what the cost!
M/g+, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
26 October 2015
Life after Vietnam
Life after Vietnam pt2
A Vietnam vet in a wheelchair moves into an apartment and meets a young girl that?s interested in playing as much as he is!
M/g+, Voyeurism, Oral
08 April 2016
22 July 2016

Ser Father of Barstuds' story

Ser Father of Barstuds' First story submission!
M/g, M/F, Underage Sex, Oral, First Time, Masturbation, Ejaculation, Fingering
18 April 2016
M/g, M/F, Underage Sex, Oral, First Time, Masturbation, Ejaculation, Fingering
24 April 2016
Ser Father of Barstuds' First story submission!
Mgg, Mf, Mg. Underage. Oral, Ejaculation, Fingering
06 May 2016
Ser Father of Barstuds' First story submission!
M/g, M/fgg, oral, ejaculation, masturbation, fingering
16 May 2016
Ser Father of Barstuds' First story submission!
M/gg, oral, ejaculation, masturbation, fingering
20 June 2016
Ser Father of Barstuds' First story submission!
M/g, M/gg, M/F. Oral, ejaculation, fisting, anal, golden shower
01 July 2016

The Coach Trip
Ser Father of Barstuds' Latest story about sex on a coach trip!
M/g, M/M/g, M/M/M/g, M/F, fingering, masturbation, underage sex, ejaculation. Submissive
04 June 2016
Ser Father of Barstuds' First story submission!
M/g, M/F/gg, M/fggg. Oral, Voyeurism, ejaculation, masturbation, pissing, sex-toys, lesbianism
21 August 2016

Lewis' Story
Feedback welcome, to mike.lewisisme@yandex.com

Other stories by Lewis can be found here

Sunday in the Park
gg, ped, ws, Msolo voy
13 June 2016
The Girl on the Train
13 June 2016

Louise's Story
Feedback welcome, to mrs_angorabod@yahoo.co.uk

Summer Holiday
The story of how Linda and Mark met and fell in lust with each other!
M/f, m/F, m/f, incest
13 October 2016
Prelude to a Summer Holiday
Mark and his sister Chloe appear in the story ?Summer Holiday?, this story sets out to describe how the brother and sister started their incestuous relationship!
m/f, Bro/Sis, Incest
30 October 2016
Big Sister
Mark and his sister Chloe appear in the story 'Summer Holiday' and 'Prelude to a Summer Holiday', this is the continuing story of how the brother and sister continue their incestuous relationship!
m/f, Bro/Sis, Incest
18 January 2017

Becky's Story

Becky's Farm Ordeal pt1
Becky's Farm Ordeal pt2
Becky's Farm Ordeal pt3
Becky's Farm Ordeal pt4
Becky's Farm Ordeal pt5
A girl who thinks she is helping her Dad's friend does, but not like she thought she would.
f/beast, MM/f, N/C, Rape, Ped, First Time, Oral, Anal Voyeurism, Drugged
20 June 2016

stHell66's Story
Feedback welcome, to spankclaire@yahoo.com

The Black Queen Part one: the house slave
Teen, M/g, g/g, F/g
09 December 2016


New edit of Rose Eastmann's Rebecca's Puppy Love
A mother living in Bournmouth with her children leads her daughters into places where sex is freely available for the very young children.
M/g, F/b, M+g, beast
11 June 2017


An Enlightening Tale
Bored wife works out a way to spice up her love life with a little dogging and under age sex. (1,996 Words.)
MM/F, MM/FF, MM/f, F/F
6 January 2019


Frolics in the Forest
A 12 yo girl goes dogging with her father. (7,497 Words.)
M/F, M+F, F/F, M/g, F/g, Incest, Underage, group sex, public sex
04 May 2019


Becky's First Time Fanny Fun Filled Holiday
11 year old Becky's mummy has gone away again leaving her long suffering kind of step daddy to look after her, again. Earlier panty wanking experiences and other events convinces daddy that both he and Becky deserve a nice holiday at a foreign beach he knows well. Becky is just as excited as Daddy is and goes out to buy them both some more than appropriate swimwear before leaving. Has she and will she make the right choices - we certainly hope so!.(6,400 Words.)
M/g, pedo, My First Time
22 June 2019
Mature and Junior's Cock and Fanny Bum Fun Filled Holiday
Don was on holiday and he offered to look after the son of a single mother who wanted to visit a historic sight so she didn't have to drag her complaining child around with her. He taught the 12 year old boy some valuable life lesson during a bed top picnic after a swim! (2,365 Words.)
M/b, pedo, My First Bumming, Underage
30 November 2019
Growing Up: A Boy's Sexual Development
A story in four parts (all included here) of a boy's sexual development aided by men and women of particular taste he met as he grew up. Splashings of spunk from men and boys accompanied by the aggressive demands of women's desires for young cocks. (7,175 Words.)
M/b, F/b, pedo
01 January 2020
Preteen Meet, Greet And Follow Up Complete
A young preteen lady instinctively notices the interest shown to her by an older gentleman. Is it him or is it her who leads the dance? Who really is responsible? And is it her who really takes his virginity? Romantic creamy delights and sexually charged circumstances await the reader. Who do you identify with? (10,130 Words.)
M/g, pedo
02 Febuary 2020
A man is being seduced by a woman. The woman can tell he is a pedo which she likes and she seduces him into telling her about some of his experiences in making debauched love to preteen girls around the ages of about 8 to 11. His reward for recounting his tale is her anus which she insists he enter given that he only has a very small penis. A penis more suited to the delights and desires of the younger, smaller, hairless adult-cock-craving preteen vagina size. (2,600 Words.)
MM/gggggggg, pedo, MF
27 March 2020
The ideal learning match. A young 9 year old woman spends some quality time with a mature man and enjoys enticing him with her budding charms which she soon proves to herself can lead to absolute botty joy. She finds that a cock isn't only for wanking, or rubbing as she would call it. As well as finding just how comfortably a little cock can fit inside her botty bum hole, she is also surprised to learn that men wear pretty frilly panties as well as girls. A self-made cock whore fuck toy is born (2,900 Words.)
Mg, pedo
28 March 2020
They're Best Aren't They, At That Age?
A man's preference for junior ladies is discussed and the merits of such sexual partnering are put forward. His intimacies lead his protective male nature to punish a younger male's presumption where he protects a junior lady's honour as he demonstrates the joys of buggery to her. She revels in the sight of it and fingers her 9 year old vagina as her older protector sodomizes the young male in front of her and much to her delight. Afterwards she rewards him with her cunt when she willingly and cravenly impales herself upon his penis. His older adult small penis is just right for preteen loving pedosexual intercourse. She learns new ways from his wealth of experience of preferring to only have sex with women under 13 and preferably a lot younger. New horizons and new words that delight us all - and I would be pleased to hear from others who share the same delights and experiences. (3,825 Words.)
Mg, pedo
17 April 2020
Consensual Pedo Rape
His landlady and mother of a little 11 year old daughter informs her paying pedo guest that her little girl has a crush on him while the paying guest is fucking the landlady one night. The landlady lets him know that she herself started having sex at the age of 11. He naturally assumes that this means the landlady approves of underage sex. One night the man takes the little girl out on a shopping trip and takes a sidetrack into an old disused quarry where he comfortably and consensually rapes her in the back of his car and much to the little girl's cock craving delight. "I want you to fuck me" she says. "I want more cock" she says. And he happily and generously gives it to her - wouldn't you? (2,200 Words.)
M/g, pedo
10 May 2020
Boy Bumming
Do older homo pedos chase boys or do boys chase older homo pedos? Who does the initial enticing? How does it all work out? A tale of man-boy love between two consenting and loving individual cock cravers. One experienced and one seeking to learn. The pupil offering himself as a willing student to the arts of homosexual passion. Junior hairless throbbing cock is willingly displayed. (1,740 Words.)
M/b, pedo
24 June 2020
Underage fucking is best - who agrees?
A man hears a strange noise in the night and investigates. The noise comes from his girlfriend's daughter's bedroom and he listens outside. Wearing only his skiddy underpants his penis begins to engorge as he realises the little girl inside is frantically masturbating herself. What should he do? There's no question about that really is there - not for a proud pedo and especially when his girlfriend is out on night shift. (3,064 Words.)
M/g, pedo
19 September 2020
Ride a cock horse. Girls love horses and horse cock and a man finds that if he shares that interest too he might just get what he likes best - junior fannies on offer at the riding stables (4.400 Words.)
M/g, pedo
19 September 2020
It'll Take a While
A young willing preteen boy is advised to take swimming lessons with a kindly old gentleman who seems to be able to teach more than just swimming. The boy's mam thinks swimming would be a great thing for the boy to learn, "it'll help you learn lots of new things you never thought you could do. It'll take a while though. You do as he says and all kind of new things might come up for you." Mams are usually right, aren't they? (2,745 Words.)
M/b, pedo
12 October 2020
A ten year old hotty decides she can teach a full grown man how to roller skate and her mam willingly agrees. Mam wants to go shopping and seizes the opportunity feeling that her teacher daughter will be left in very good care and she is. The roller skates' teaching doesn't work out too well, but we can all learn from each other and the man kindly teaches the young lady preteen what her cunty and botty holes are really for. It's a kind of bartering system. She gives her time to teach him and he offers her his adult penis in return which she gratefully accepts. Preteen love flowers for hours. As mum shops to her hearts content, her daughter contents herself with cock and loves it as many do, even though many think they won't - but given the chance, they always do. (5,825 Words.)
M/g, Pedo
19 October 2020
Public Toilets Private Homes
A young lad recently experiences his first erection but is uncertain what to do about it. However, kindly and mature assistance is at hand in a nearby men's public toilet. The boy receives patient instruction that leads him to confidence in his own abilities of decision making and he accepts the kind invitation to make a social call at the old gentleman's home. Dressing up in frillies and a party girl's frock, the boy learns of the delights of cock as the kindly old man takes the boy's virginity during his first buggering. And it seems that there's more on offer, even when the story ends. Mature and junior cocks mingle privately in frillies and lace and no-one needs to interfere in the natural learning process that so often lovingly happens between boy loving kind mature men and their keen and more than willing boy lovers who desire and demand the appropriate tuition. (3,855 Words.)
M/b, Pedo
19 October 2020

Feedback welcome, to realgood20200@outlook.com

Davey's Journey Part I - A Walk in the Woods Text Version    Web page Version
A sixteen year old boy encounters a young girl in the woods that begins his journey of sexual encounters with numerous preteen girls.
m16, g8, nosex
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part II - A Walk through the Playground Text Version    Web page Version
Davey meets up again with Kelly, where he takes her to a special place so they can 'get to know each other better.'
m16, g9, reluc first
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part III - A Walk by the Lake Text Version    Web page Version
Kelly is going to camp, so gives Davey a going away present! Davey decides to go camping to take his mind off of Kelly, and meets another little girl while there!
m16, g9, g7 oral
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part IV - A Walk through the Park Text Version    Web page Version
Davey meets one of Kelly's friends in the park, upset over her friend going to camp. Davey helps cheer her up!
m16, g8, first
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part V - A Walk to the House Text Version    Web page Version
Jenny comes over for an eary morning get together, which Davey is not pleased with... at first. Later in the woods the two are find out someone is spying on them.
m16, g8, voy
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part VI - A Swim at the Pool Text Version    Web page Version
Davey has a little talk with the girl who has been spying on him and his girls, then comes to find out she wants what they've been having.
m16, g8, first
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part VII - A Walk on the Trail Text Version    Web page Version
Jenny returns and Davey tells her about Sandy and what they've been up. Jenny is not pleased with this, but Davey helps them become friends. Very close friends.
m16, g8, g8
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part VIII - A Walk in the Dark Text Version     Web page Version
Jenny comes over for a 'sleep over' at Davey's, and does something 'special' for him. Later at the pool, he introduces the girls Amy, who just moved into town, and the three have some 'fun' in the woods.
m16, g8, g8, g7 oral, first
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part IX - A Hike in the Rain Text Version    Web page Version
When it starts raining during an early moring hike, Davey helps a little girl find shelter, where they have some fun with other. He then meets with Jenny a little bit later, where she helps release some of his built up 'energy'.
m16, g8, g8, g6
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part X - A Hike near the Lake Text Version    Web page Version
After the rain washes out the chance to have some 'fun' with his other girls, Davey goes for a hike at the lake, where he meets another girl that lets him have 'fun'! The next morning, Davey meets Marie again, and has even more fun with her!
m16, g8, g8, g6, first
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part XI - A Walk back through the Trail Text Version    Web page Version
Davey finds out about another girl stalking him and his girls, confronts her, and shows her that he is not harming any of them. Later, he and three of the girls have a little fun.
m16, g7, g7, g8, g8, reluc
11 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part XII - Another Swim at the Pool Text Version    Web page Version
Davey goes back to the pool to meet with Helene, the girl he met at the lake yesterday. After a little talk, they have some 'fun' in the woods behind the pool. Davey then meets another little girl at the pool who wants a 'special kiss'! Story Code: m16, g8, g6
m16, g8, g6
13 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part XIII - A Walk to Camp Text Version    Web page Version
Davey goes for a early morning hike and meets Marie again, and she has brought a friend with her. After having some 'fun' with them and seeing them off Story Code: m16, g6 g7, g8, g9, Reluc, First
m16, g6 g7, g8, g9, Reluc, First
19 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part XIV - A Guest from the Rain Text Version    Web page Version
During a brief stopping of the rain, Yasmin comes up to Davey's house for a 'special kiss'. Later in the evening Davey goes for a hike to bleed of some 'energy'. I meets his newest girl, Vicky, and the two have a chat before she helps him get rid of some of his 'energy'. Story Code: m16, g6, g9
Story Code: m16, g6, g9
24 October 2020
Davey's Journey Part XV - An Encounter along the Trail Text Version    Web page Version
During a early morning hike and some marshmellow roasting Marie shows up to do something for Davey that a young friend told her to do. Later that morning Davey takes Jenny and Sandy to the pool where they get introduced to Yasmin and her 'Special Kisses'. Story Code: m16, g6, g6, g7, g8, g8, oral
Story Code: m16, g6, g6, g7, g8, g8, oral
03 November 2020
Davey's Journey Part XVI - An Encounter in the Woods Text Version    Web page Version
After getting home from the pool, Davey heads back to the wood where he once again meets Emmie, Marie's friend, who taught her something 'special' she could do on boys, and now wants to do so to Davey! Later that day Yasmin come's over to Davey's house so the two can 'play', but soon after, so does Jenny!
Story Code: m16, g5, g6, g8, oral, first
11 November 2020
Davey's Journey Part XVII - Another Encounter in the Woods Text Version    Web page Version
Davey is enjoying the night in the woods behind his house when Yasmin comes to see him, and she brings a friend that lets him give her 'special kisses'. The next morning he goes for a hike and meets Amy, who gives him some 'releif', but can't stay to long. Soon after he finds Kristen, who watched him and Amy having fun, so he decides to have fun with her too!
Story Code: m16, g6, g6, g7, g7, reluc
17 November 2020
Davey's Journey Part XVIII - A Day out in the Heat Text Version    Web page Version
After having two sexual encounters that morning, Davey meet Vicky at his private camp, where she tells him how much fun she and Marie had the other day. Later that morning Davey takes Jenny and Sandy to the pool, where they meet both Amy and Davey's new 'friend' Helene, and the for of them arrange a little 'play date' at his house.
Story Code: m16, g9, g7, g8, g8, g8, Group Oral
23 November 2020
Davey's Journey Part XIX - A Hike at Night Text Version    Web page Version
After resting from both a day of sex, as well as the heat, Davey heads back to the trails at night. Along the way he meets Marie at camp, who shows off her bathing suit to him. After Davey has some 'fun' with her he meets Emmie a short time later, and has some 'fun' with her too! Finally, just before he gets home, he meets Yasmin. He 'plays' with her, and she tells him about her day with Gina.
Story Code: m16, g6, g5, g6, oral
30 November 2020
Davey's Journey Part XX - Meeting a New Friend Text Version    Web page Version
Davey goes for an early morning hike, only to be followed by some girl who he has never met before. The skys open up and it begins to rain when they come to his little camp in the woods. They take shelter in his camping structure, and then begin to have some 'fun'. Later, after getting home, Gina comes by, and she and Davey have some one on one time.
Story Code: m16, g5, g6, first, oral
07 December 2020
Davey's Journey Part XXI - A Get Together with Friends Text Version    Web page Version
After it finally stops raining Davey takes Jenny and Sandy to the pool, where they meet up with several of their friends and agree to have a little 'party' at Davey's place later on that day. Jenny also finally meets Kristen at the park, and is not to happy about her spying on her... at first.
Story Code: m16, g6, g6, g7, g7, g8, g8, g8, oral, group
14 December 2020
Davey's Journey Part XXII - A Walk towards the Stream Text Version    Web page Version
After resting from a full day of sex, including a large orgy, Davey goes for one last hike on a trail behind his house before calling it a night. Along the way he meet one of Jenny's friends, and show her some of the things he and Jenny like to do. A little while later she intruduces him to her little sister, and the three have some fun with each other.
Story Code: m16, g7, g5, first, incest
21 December 2020
Davey's Journey Part XXIII - A Meeting at Night Text Version    Web page Version
After already having a full day of sex, including an orgy, Davey settles down for a good night's rest, that is until Jenny comes by for a little 'sleep over'. After seeing Jenny off in the morning, Davey goes for a hike, where he meets with his newest girlfriend, Sarah. After having some 'fun' with her Amber, Sarah's little sister, shows up, and the three have some 'fun' together.
Story Code: m16, g8, g7, g5, Incest
03 January 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXIV - A Meeting with Young Friends Text Version    Web page Version
Still horny from his encounter with Sarah and her sister Amber that morning, Davey heads to the park where he meets Marie. He takes her to his house, and after the two have some 'fun' Yasmin and Gina drop by.
Story Code: m16, g6, g6, g6, oral, group
19 January 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXV - A Meeting at the Camp Text Version    Web page Version
After an already eventful morning, Davey heads over to his private camp for some possible private time, however, this would not come to be, as Julie comes by to have some 'fun'. Davey gives her a 'happy feeling', and Julie gives him a 'happy feeling' in return. After Davey sends Julia home he believes that his encounters are over for that morning, that is until Vicky shows up...
Story Code: m16, g5, g9, oral
06 February 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXVI - A Hike in the Mountains Text Version    Web page Version
Davey's plans to head to the pool are ruined due to a sudden storm, so instead he heads into the mountains for some alone time. While on a hike he watches young girl bathing in a pool under a waterfall. A cracking of thunder cause her to slip under the water, and Davey runs in to rescue her. Being now soaked and with a storm coming in, the girl suggests he come over to her house to dry off and wait out the storm... and maybe play some games.
Story Code: m16, g10, voy, oral
05 March 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXVII - A Shelter from the Storm Text Version    Web page Version
While driving back home a sudden storm forces Davey of the road and into a parking area next to a meadow with a playground and a camping shelter. Davey heads to the shelter for some more protection, and once there he notices a little girl hiding under a slide. He bring her in and the two procede to have some 'fun'.
Story Code: m16, g6, first
15 March 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXVIII - Returning to the Shelter Text Version    Web page Version
After giving Rose a ride home, Davey is forced to return to the camping shelter due to the storm returning. While there a little girl comes by in order to get out of the rain. She's scared at first, but her fear goes away as the two talk, and Davey finds out that not only is she a friend of Rose's, she likes to do 'naughty' things with her too.
Story Code: m16, g5, first
04 April 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXIX - A Shelter by the Mountain Lake Text Version    Web page Version
After having some 'fun' with a couple of girls in a camping shelter, Davey continues his trip until he comes across a mountain lake. He stops off there for a break and a little hike around it, and comes across another camping shelter where he encounters another little girl. After some small talk he is about to continue his hike, but another storm appearing forces the two inside where they keep each other company.
Story Code: m16, g6, first
04 April 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXX - A Walk to the Watchtower Text Version    Web page Version
After having a 'fun time' at a near by lake with a girl named Hanna, Davey continues down the parkway until coming to a overlook and meets a family that lives in the same neighborhood that he does. After talking to them and telling them that he was going to a near by abandoned forest ranger watchtower, the daughter asks to go with him, as the rest of the family is going fishing, and she hates fishing. Her parents agree, and the two set out on a little 'adventure'
Story Code: m16, g7, No sex
04 April 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXI - An Encounter at the Watchtower Text Version    Web page Version
After being forced to leave the watchtower due to a bear sighting, Davey notices he left his sheets there, forcing him to go back and retrieve them. Once at the base of the watchtower he sees a young girl climbing the steps. He briefly considers what to do, when a black bear and two cubs suddenly appear. Having no choice he runs up the steps, the girl right in front of him. Once inside and all alone, the two have some 'fun' to pass some time.
Story Code: m16, g5, oral
12 April 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXII - A Hike behind the School ahbts Text Version    Web page Version
After getting back to his hometown, Davey heads over to the school that Mandy goes to. It's there he finds a trail in the forest next to the school, and decides to hike it, going to the top of a hill. It's there he meets a girl that happens to know Mandy, and just how 'naughty' she is, and Davey helps this girl find out how 'naughty' she is too.
Story Code: m16, g7, first
02 May 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXIII - A Climb into the Tree House Text Version    Web page Version
After watching some videos Rose and her friend sent him, having dinner, and trying to decide what he should do now, Davey heads to the pool to get a few laps in before calling it a night. When entering the facility Davey meets Louise and her family leaving. After some small talk and saying their farewells Davey goes swimming for a little while. Twenty minutes before the pool is about to close Dave gets a phone call from Louise, asking him to come over.
Story Code: m16, g8, g7, first, g5, g6, g8, exhib
12 May 2021
Davey's Journey Side Story - The Storm Text Version    Web page Version
A side story involveing two characters mentioned, but yet unseen in the Davey's Journey story. John is a some what typical fourteen year old. While coming home from school he sees his eleven year old neighbor, Alice, on her front porch, crying. She lost her house key, so he lets her stay over for the night. One thing leads to another...
Story Code: m14, g11, first
18 May 2021
Davey's Journey Side Story - The Date Text Version    Web page Version
It had been a week since John and Alice had their 'magical night' together, but they haven't been able to get together since then. Finally, the two of them get to go on a date, and along the way they meet a couple of familiar faces.
Story Code: m14, g11, oral, exhib
23 May 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXVI - The Return of an Old Friend Text Version    Web page Version
After having a full day of 'fun' in the forests and mountains never where he lives, Davey returns home to finally get some rest and recover his 'energy'. A little while after he falls asleep Davey is stirred awake by a knock at his back door. Looking out the window he see's that Jenny has come by, and when Davey opens up the door, he see's that she has brought with her and old friend!
Story Code: m16, g9, g8
04 June 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXVII - A Walk back Home Text Version    Web page Version
After a peaceful nights sleep, Davey wakes up Kelly and Jenny in his own 'special' way. After 'helping' them get dressed, Davey escorts them back to Jenny's house, where the two young girls were having a sleep over. Along the way back home, Davey meets Yasmin in the woods behind his house, and she wants to finish something she started with Davey yesterday.
Story Code: m16 g9 g8 g6 oral
15 June 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXVIII - A Return to the Mountain Lake Text Version    Web page Version
After returning to the mountain lake he had visited yesterday, Davey takes a less hiked trail near by, coming across another camping shelter. He decides to take a break in there, and soon after it starts raining, a young visitor comes in to escape the rain. After having a little chat, the two start to have some 'fun'.
Story Code: m16, g8, nosex
24 June 2021
Davey's Journey Part XXXIX - Going back to the Shelter Text Version    Web page Version
Davey returns to the shelter where he met and 'played' with a local girl named Annie, who he was trapped inside with when a storm came by. When he goes back to get his sheet, he meets another girl in there, and is forced to stay when the storm comes back. After a little talking the two decide to 'play' as well.
Story Code: m16, g6, oral
10 July 2021
Davey's Journey Part XL - Going back to the Lake Shelter Text Version    Web page Version
After having some 'fun' with a couple of young girls in a camping shelter after getting caught in a storm, Davey tries to get back to his vehicle, only to get caught in another storm, forcing him to go to a different camping shelter. It's there he meets another young girl with an unusual medical condition.
Story Code: m16, g5, lactation, w/s
10 July 2021
Davey's Journey Side Story - Mrs. Hampton and Carmen, Part I Text Version    Web page Version
Little Carmen has a medical issue that is quite embarrassing, so her mother asks her old college friend, whom is also Carmen's teacher, to help her with this problem. She is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees to help, which she will find out is more fun than she first thought.
Story Code: F, g5, Lactation, nosex
02 September 2021
Davey's Journey Side Story - Mrs. Hampton and Carmen, Part 2 Text Version    Web page Version
What began as simply helping out a student with an unusual medical condition has quickly turned into something more for Ann Hampton, something that is causing her to feel both shame, as well as sexual arousal. Things are not helped when little Carmen comes by after school, asking Ann to help her with her 'medical condition.' (3,544 Words.)
Story Code: F, g5, Lactation, nosex
09 October 2021
Davey's Journey Part XLI - Helping a New Friend Text Version    Web page Version
After having a 'fun filled' encounter with a little girl named Carmen, Davey heads up the road, in hopes of meeting his other new 'friends', Rose and Jill, and will meet them, at the same time, and maybe soon help them meet his other new friend. (4,293 Words.)
Story Code: m16, g6, g5, exhib
02 December 2021
Davey's Journey Side Story - Mrs. Hampton and Carmen, Part 3 Text Version    Web page Version
What started out as a simple medical need off one of her students has quickly turned into something more, and Ann, while reluctant, has agreed to meet with Carmen at a camping shelter near a local lake, where the little girl wants to take their relationship to the next step... (3,532 Words. Words.)
Story Code: F, g5, lactation, reluc
09 December 2021
Davey's Journey Part XLII - Helping a New Friend Text Version    Web page Version
With Rose in tow, Davey heads back to the near by lake to meet Carmen once again. Once there and in one of the near by camping shelters the three begin having some 'fun', and Rose tasting some of Carmen's 'special' milk. (7,549 Words.)
Story Code: m16, g6, g5, oral, lac, threesome
12 February 2022
Davey's Journey Part XLIII - Returning to the Watchtower Text Version    Web page Version
After having some 'fun' with his 'friends' Carmen and Rose, Davey drives Rose home, but not before stopping off at a place to have a little more 'fun', and where Rose reveals a little more details about her life. After getting the little blonde girl home, Davey drives to the fire tower once again, where he encounters Louise and her family. (5,581 Words.)
Story Code: m16, g6, g7, oral
22 February 2022
Davey's Journey Part XLIV - Some Guests at the Watchtower Text Version    Web page Version
While Davey and Louise were preparing to have some more 'fun', some unexpected guests arrive at the watchtower; a man, a woman, and their three adopted daughters. The five were out hiking and planning on going fishing at the nearby pond, but the two oldest hate fishing, and convince their parents with Davey and Louise after Davey agrees to watch them. Louise doesn't like this idea, but soon finds out that sisters like to have 'fun' too. (7,734 Words.)
Story Code: m16, g7, g8, g7, incest, (sister/sister, adopted), foursome, Exhibitionism
13 March 2022
Davey's Journey Part XLV - A Lookout in the Storm Text Version    Web page Version
While trying to drive back home, Davey is forced to pull into a picnic area with a small lookout tower. After using the restroom and refilling his water bottles, he decides to brave the elements, and check out the lookout. While there he meets two young girls who were 'practice kissing'. (6,132 Words.)
Story Code: m16 g7 g5 first threesome
07 July 2022
Davey's Journey Part XLVI - Going Out Back at Night Text Version    Web page Version
After getting back home from a day of 'fun' with several little girls, Davey goes outside to the woods behind his house after dinner and watching some videos his new 'friends' sent him, to look at the stars. While out there Sandy comes by and talks to him about how great it is that she now has friends. Later, Yasmin comes by, and tells Davey about the 'fun' she had with her friend... and her mother. (4,958 Words.)
Story Code: m16, g7, g5, first, threesome
07 July 2022
Davey's Journey Part XLVII - Going Out Back at Night Text Version    Web page Version
A late night storm prompts Davey to head out early and inspect his camping shelter to make sure it's okay. While there one of his 'friends', Marie, shows up. Finding that his shelter is okay he and Marie head inside to have some 'fun'. Later Kelly shows up, and the three of them have even more 'fun'. (4,938 Words.)
Story Code: m16, g6, g8, oral, threesome
18 July 2022
Davey's Journey Side Story - Henry's New Neighbor Part 1 Text Version    Web page Version
Henry had a bad day a school. Once he got home he met his new neighbors and their pretty daughter. While he denies it, he is instantly attracted and he doesn't know this, she is attracted to him. There is just one problem with this: She is younger than him. Much younger. (4,667 Words.)
Story Code: m15, g8, mast, fondle, nosex
22 July 2022


Steven Seven
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My Christmas Gifts Were Girls as White as Snow
On Christmas Eve a man out for a walk sees a UFO landing. A door opens. Emerging from the craft are an old, grey-haired man and two beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed female children, a 12-year-old and a 6-year-old. The 12-year-old has extraordinarily large, gigantomastic breasts. The old man tells the younger man that he has been chosen to assist in a Great Work of cosmic importance. As a token of earnest to enlist the younger man's participation, the old man offers the two little girls as a gift. Not only for the night, but forever. The old man says that the girls have been genetically engineered and psychologically programmed to appeal to the younger man's every wish and need. The young man will be their Master, and they his slaves. The young girls have only one desire: to please their Master in every way possible. Nothing is off limits.
Story Code: Mgg, g12, g6, vaginal, oral, anal, precocious pre-teen breasts, Mdom, child sex slaves
13 November 2020
"Your Asses Are Mine!" Saith the Lord to His Wife and Her Daughter
My name is Lilly Angstrom. I never knew my real dad. Back in Minnesota, mamma got pregnant when she was 14. Her boyfriend, my dad, was two years older. They both came from old Scandinavian stock. That's how come momma and I are blue-eyed blondes with platinum blonde hair. Pretty faces too, folks say. I've never before told my story, of how I became the anal rape-slave of my step-father, just like my momma. I guess it's time, now that he's started fucking my cunt and got me pregnant. I'm writing this account for my daughter. Someday I want her to read it when she's old enough, before he does the same things to her. I know he will. He promised.
Story Code: MF, Mg, g6, Mdom, vaginal, oral, anal, preg, incest
17 November 2020
Letter to Teacher: Please excuse my daughter, she is busy fucking her Dad
The mother of a 12-year-old girl sends an email to the girl's teacher asking for the child's school absence to be excused. The mother is in a bi-sexual relationship with her daughter's teacher. So she speaks frankly and tells the teacher the truth: Her daughter is home having sex with the child's step-father.
Story Code: MF, Mg, Fg, g12, vaginal, oral, anal, incest, bi-sexual lesbian
20 November 2020
Shopping for Sex Slaves - A Visit to the Temple Whores
In the Glorious Restoration of the 22nd century, feminism was extinguished, and Patriarchy returned in a new, high-tech form. Many ancient practices were revived, including polygamy, the enslavement of women and girls, and Sacred Sex, or Temple Prostitution. When a man wanted to a girl, he usually ordered one from a menu of bioengineered options and she was custom-grown in an exo-womb according to his specifications. Some men only wanted them age 18 or older. Most men chose several girls of different ages, including girls of age 12 and below. The real challenge in ordering up females for a man's harem turned out to be specifying exactly what he wanted. The solution was "try before you buy" programs. These permitted a man to select one or more females to spend time socializing and having sex with at various types of "showrooms." That's where Temple Prostitution came in.
Story Code: MF, Mg, Fg, g12, Mdom, vaginal, oral, anal, ass-to-mouth, incest, bi-sexual lesbian, incest, prostitutes, science fiction
22 November 2020
Young Becky Blows Me and I Adopt Her
I lusted after my niece Becky from the first moment I saw her. The 12-year-old child was the daughter of my wife's brother Dave and his wife Freja. Freja was a devastatingly beautiful Danish blonde with deep blue eyes and pure white skin. Her daughter Becky was the spitting image of her mother. The girl had pure white skin, a gorgeous young face, sparkling deep blue eyes, long golden hair, small budding breasts, slim waist, long coltish legs, and the most spectacularly shaped butt I had ever seen on a child. Becky had a certain coquettish nymphet quality that was more knowing than her actual age. Maybe I was imagining it, but the kid seemed to come on to me every time no one else was looking. I began to wonder if she had already had sex. Maybe with some teenaged boy? Or-maybe with her own father?
Story Code: Mg, Fg, g6-thru-12, incest, vaginal, oral, anal, urine drinking, preg, Mdom, sex slaves
27 November 2020
Watch Me Sodomize Yours Daughters, Bitch
I saw them in a restaurant, sitting at a booth across from me. Three blondes: a mother in her late thirties and two young daughters. The daughters looked very similar, but not identical. All of them, mother and daughters, were extraordinarily beautiful. The daughters had long, golden blonde hair, very fair pink skin, blue eyes, and gorgeous faces. They were flat-chested youngsters, with barely a bump in the breast area. The mother was also very good-looking. Her hair was golden blonde. It took me only an instant to decide that I must own all three of these bitches. Little did they know, but they were about to become one man's private property for the rest of their lives. (19,611 Words.)
Story Code: MF, Mgg, Fgg, g12, Mdom, vaginal, oral, anal, incest, bi-sexual lesbian, ass-to-mouth, urine-drinking, shit-eating, science fiction
05 December 2020
What the Peeping Tom Saw
On a business trip back to my old town, I ran into Tom, the younger brother of an old childhood friend of mine. Tom and I had a few drinks at the bar inside my hotel. That's when he confessed to me that he had been a peeping Tom as a child. And told me the most exciting thing he had witnessed while peeping into someone's window late at night: a 50-year-old man sodomizing a 9-year-old girl. (2,765 Words.)
Story Code: Mg, g9, Mdom, masturbation, oral cunt-eating, anal butt-fucking, voyeurism
13 December 2020
A Nice Preteen Throat Rape
A man abducts a 12-year-old redheaded beauty. He takes her to a secret location he had prepared. Using a spider gag to keep her mouth open and various restraints to keep the child immobile, he rapes the girl's mouth and throat repeatedly during the course of a day and a night. He ejaculates into the girl's mouth over and over again, always requiring the child to swallow. He also uses the girl's mouth as his urinal. He sodomizes the child and then forces her to suck him clean and suck him off. And he always makes the girl swallow everything. After he is done, he lets the child go, promising to abduct her again someday…so she'll never forget him. (4,033 Words.)
Story Code: Mg, g12, Mdom, ped, bd, nc, rape, 1st, oral, anal, ws, scat
12 February 2021
Calling Dr Titz
Dr. Titz is the world's greatest expert on the female breast. Dr. Titz is a "breast man" with a particular fetish for extremely large breasts. He has developed a technique for vastly expanding normal breasts to prodigious sizes without implants. Dr. Titz also has the Perm, a device that gives him complete mind control of a woman, making her a willing and eager sex slave. At his vastly profitable medical firm Better Unlimited he is surrounded and served by many beautiful, big-titted sex slaves. (25,149 Words.)
Story Code: MF+, Mg, g12, Fg, Maledom, sex slaves, big breasts, oral, anal, ass-to-mouth, scat
13 February 2021
A Love to Remember for Valentines Day
This story is a departure from my usual fare. It is romantic, sweet, and with minimal sex. Here is how it begins: " They were always, and never, a couple. They were always coming together. To laugh. To talk about everything under the sun. To offer a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, when life was just too damned hard and cruel. To confide secrets they didn't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. And once upon a time, to enter the deepest place of physical intimacy, a place that was more wonderful, and more heartbreaking, than either of them had ever imagined it could be." (3,779Words.)
Story Code: MF, love, pregnancy, betrayal, fantasy, happy ending
14 February 2021
What Good May Cum from Daddy and Daughter Incest
When winter white snows have frozen us all, I like to visit Florida for an extended vacation. I've been doing this for years. I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops on one such vacation, reading the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, when a man walked up to my table. "Good book" he said. I replied, "Good and controversial. Nabokov was an incredible writer. But not even a great writer could get a book like this published today." The man pulled up a chair at my table. "A man having a sexual relationship with his 12-year-old stepdaughter is not the sort of thing that would see print nowadays" he said. "It does happen, though. And not just with stepdaughters. With daughters, too." (3,328Words.)
Story Code: M/g, ped, 1st, incest, oral, vaginal, preg
10 March 2021
One Man, Two Women, Four Gigantomastic Breasts, and No Waiting
It was never supposed to happen. I know that now. The two young sisters, four months pregnant, and with such enormous breasts, were supposed to stay hidden in the safe house in the woods. No one except the man who put them there was supposed to know about them. And they were not supposed to be able to wander more than thirty feet from the house. The security systems were supposed to prevent that. But the systems didn't, and the girls did, and that's how a dirty old man like me got to enjoy the most earthshattering sex imaginable. (7,028 Words.)
Story Code: MFF, Mdom, vaginal, oral, anal, ass-to-mouth, sexual slavery, science fiction
23 April 2021
Kidnap and Rape of a Sweet 6yo Girl
I was determined to fuck a 6-year-old girl. In her cunt and up her ass. And then in her mouth. More than that, I wanted to own the little bitch for good and all. Forever. Or for life, at least. After months of careful planning and target selection, I was ready. I had singled out beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde, 6-year-old Brittany Olsen to be my first rape victim. Well, perhaps victim is the wrong word for it. The word "victim" suggests that she is being harmed in some way. That's not how I see it at all. From my perspective, I am doing this girl a favor. I was not going to simply rape her and then let her go. I was going to take her, and rape her, and enslave her, and keep her as my private property for the rest of her life. The young bitch would "enjoy" a life of sexual slavery inside my harem. Well, my future harem. This little hairless cunt would be the first of many. She had no idea yet how lucky she was! (7,955 Words.)
Story Code: Mg, g6, Mdom, ped, nc, rape, 1st, vaginal, anal, oral, ws, scat
19 June 2021
Blonde Cunt Magazine where women and young girls are for sale
I didn't join the FBI to investigate sex crimes. As a woman burdened by her own beauty, this hits too close to home for me. I've attracted unwanted attention from men and boys for as long as I can remember. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin. People always told me I was the prettiest little girl they'd ever seen. As I got older and my breasts started to grow, my problem of unwanted attention got even worse. By the time I was 18, my breasts were so big I was embarrassed. To complicate matters, I'm mildly autistic. I don't read social cues very well. Other people's emotional reactions baffle me. I much prefer numbers, rules, and systematic thinking. So how did I, Lena Muller, the girl from rural Pennsylvania who was too pretty for her own good, end up being used as a honey trap to lure the criminals running an online sex ring? And instead of capturing the sex traffickers, how did I end up being captured and becoming one of their sex slaves? Dear Reader, read on, for this is my story. (35,000 Words.)
Story Code: M/F, M/g, F/F, M-dom, Oral, Anal, WS, Sex slaves, Porn
26 June 2021
King of Kiddie Porn
Steven's day had started out really well. Any day when Steven gets to fuck a little girl is a good day. But today was exceptionally good. The beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed, 8-year-old girl starring in "Training My Daughter" was unusually enthusiastic today. Steven had played her father, and he'd managed to last a long time as he put the child through her paces: oral, vaginal, and anal. This child porn movie was coming along really well. (20,880 Words.)
Story Code: Mg, MMg, MFg, g6-thru-12, incest, vaginal, oral, anal, ass-to-mouth, con, rape
11 August 2021
For My Birthday I Lost My Virginity and Gained Lots of Sexy Slaves
I've always wanted to dominate women. Own them like property. Use them for my pleasure. Make them do everything I command. No questions asked. But I never expected it to happen. Until my 18th birthday when my rich, weird Uncle Bob gave me the best gift any guy ever got! (19,069 Words.)
Story Code: MFFF+, Mdom, vaginal, anal, oral, piss, scat, sexual slavery
11 August 2021
No Holes Barred: The Enslavement of Sue and Daughter Sydney
I'd known Sue for over 20 years when she came to me for help. Her husband Anthony had ditched her and left her with nothing but debts. Sue's house was seized, and she had nowhere to go. She came to me, begging for help. I told Sue that she and her 9-year-old daughter Sydney could stay with me until they got back on their feet. My plan was first to have my way with Sue. Then I was going to use her 9-year-old daughter. Maybe I'd even make Sue watch. I planned the debasement and enslavement of the mother and her daughter. I was going to OWN those two bitches! And that's exactly what I did. (5,971 Words.)
Story Code: M/F, M/g Man/pre-teen girl, Mdom, ped, mc, nc, rape, 1st, va, oral, anal, ws, scat
20 November 2021
Raping and Degrading an 11yo Girl in Her Own Home
I knocked on the door. My heart skipped a beat when an attractive girl of about 11 opened it. Her hair was perfect: platinum blonde and long, extending half-way down her back. Her eyes were deep blue. Her skin was pure white and without blemish. Her face was gorgeous, angelic, sweet. She had no breasts to speak of, just slight mounds on her chest that were no higher than pancakes. She wore a tight little pink t-shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. When the child turned part way to her left, I looked down. The girl had an unusually large but perfectly-shaped ass. It was barely covered by her shorts. The young bitch had a nice pair of child legs with perfectly pale, white skin. After she let me in and took me to the storage room, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a rope with a noose loop tied in the end. I dropped the rope over the child's head and pulled it tight around her neck. With one swift tug, I cut off her air supply as she grabbed desperately at rope constricting her throat. "Alright little bitch" I said as I reached out and stroked her platinum blonde hair, "let's begin. I give the orders. You obey them. Got it, whore?" The child shivered with fear, but she did not pull away or resist. The child whimpered softly. "Now little whore. Do you know what oral sex is?" (10,730 Words.))
Story Code: M/g11, Mdom, bondage, rape, oral, anal, watersports, scat, violent
13 March 2022
Turning a Kidnapped Child into a Whore
A rape gang kidnaps a pretty little Swedish-American girl. The child's slender, snow white body was crowned with long golden blonde hair that hung half-way down her back. The men bring the 7-year-old to their secret chamber, where they inject her with special drugs and strip her naked. The gang of 13 pedophile white men encircled the mattress where the helpless, nude child lay with her hairless, virginal cunt on display. She looked back at them with half-open, glazed blue eyes. The sexual tension inside the room was almost unbearable as the men waited for the drugs to finish kicking in. The child stared at the men's rock hard penises and then looked up at their leering faces. The little girl didn't understand anything that was going on. That was exactly the way the men wanted her: drugged, confused, defenseless, and unable to resist being gang-raped by all these big horny men. (11,392 Words.))
Story Code: MM+/g7, kidnap, drugs, gang rape, vaginal, anal, oral, violence, humiliation, urine
13 May 2022
My Ukrainian Child Prize
It's an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody some good, as the old saying goes. The terrible war in Ukraine from Russia has caused many horrors. One good thing that came out of it was in the market for blonde, female, Ukrainian little girls. How did I get my little Ukrainian girl? Let's just say that I know a guy… On the day my little prize was due for delivery, I was so hot I felt like I had ants in my pants. I was worried that she might not look as good as her photo. I was afraid that the whole deal would fall apart. When the child was finally delivered to me, I was stunned. The little 7-year-old girl was gorgeous! (8,087 Words.))
Story Code: M/g7, kidnap, drugs, rape, vaginal, anal, oral, sex slave, violence
07 June 2022


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A brother and sister discover pleasure.
Story Code: b/g, Voyeur, First, Oral, MW, Incest, Bro/Sis
18 November 2020


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In a bookshop in a parallel dimention!
Story Code: M/W, Underage fantasy
19 November 2020

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Gang Bang Gang
Kitty was a sparky seven year old girl when she caught her mother and father fucking late one night and decided that it looked like it was so much fun that she wanted to try it with the group of boys that she hung out with in the Gang Bang Gang. (12,099 Words.)
Story Code: b+/g, F/b+, M/g, incest
15 March 2021
School Work
Kitty was an eight year old virgin, sex education at school had been very confusing for her and between her friend and their families, they gave her practical based sex lessons. (21,300 Words.)
Story Code: M/g, b+/g, M+/g, F/b+, g/g, F/g, Incest
16 March 2021
Mom Agrees to Help
(17,711 Words.)
Story Code: F/b M+/g incest, first time
03 April 2021
A Birthday Gift
Kitty is asked my her older boyfriend to take his best friend's virginity as a birthday present to him, Kitty loves sex, anytime, anywhere, with anyone! (11,330 Words)
Story Code: M+/g, b+/g, gangbang, incest, public sex
04 April 2021
Gang Bang Gang Part 2 - The Re-Banging
Kitty was a sparky seven year old girl when she caught her mother and father fucking late one night and decided that it looked like it was so much fun that she wanted to try it with the group of boys that she hung out with in the Gang Bang Gang. (9,130 Words.)
Story Code: M+/g, b+/g, F/b+, M/g, incest
04 April 2021
The Fountain
(2,900 Words.)
Story Code: b+/g+, first time, incest
04 April 2021
The Dog Walker
(7,848 Words.)
Story Code: M+/g, Dogs(beastiality), Incest
09 April 2021
Cheerleader Car Wash
A short story about an American cheerleader squad earning money for their football team. I'm not sure if this happens in other countries, but it is common for American kids to earn money for their school. The money is used for trips to competitions, band instruments, new uniforms, and that kind of thing. This will eventually be a short trilogy. It starts off with a car wash. The next two stories will be about Girl Scout Cookie sales and a Kissing Booth. (2,464 Words.)
Story Code: M/g+
05 June 2021
Girl Scout's Cookie Flavored Lip Balm
A troop of girl scouts work on a novel twist to selling cookies. (4,568 Words.)
Story Code: M/g+
15 June 2021
The Kissing Booth
This is a story about a common American tradition. The Fair. Many organizations and communities will have a fair to raise money. Huge fairs can be run by counties and cities. School fairs are much smaller but still a lot of fun. There will be many rides that are run by the carnies and many booths that are run by school clubs or teams to earn money for uniforms or pay for trips. One of the most popular booths is the Kissing Booth. There are often long lines of men craving a moment of pleasure locking lips with pretty young girls. This is a story about a father who is learning a lot about his two preteen daughters during his trip to the fair. (8,856 Words.)
Story Code: M/g+, F/b, Incest
19 June 2021
Fox Hunt
Elle was chosen at the age of five to take part in a pagan ritual, she was tested to prove that she was still a virgin and from then on, it was instilled into her that it was a singular honour to be chosen and that for the next five years she had to be careful to avoid vaginal intercourse until after The Hunt. The ritual demanded a virgin and Elle was the chosen one! (7,671 Words.)
Story Code: M+/g, Beastiality, Rape
02 July 2021
Helping Daddy with his Stories
A Story about a father who writes dirty stories. He left his computer on one day, and his two young girls find his stories. Instead of being angry, dad encourages them to continue reading his stories. (18,071 Words.)
Story Code: M+g+ Incest Gang-bang
10 July 2021
Lolita - The Musical
This is a story about a community theater staging an adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 classic, Lolita. A ten-year-old girl lands the role of Lolita. (16,079 Words.)
Story Code: M/g, Incest, public sex
14 November 2021
The Tour Guide
A story of a reporter sent to write a story about a small California beach town. He meets a young girl who offers to be his tour guide. They fall in love. (24,971 Words.)
Story Code: M+/g, Incest
24 November 2021
Route 66
This adventure is about a father and his eight-year-old daughter traveling across America to meet up with their family in Los Angeles. They hope to see interesting sights and learn about each other along the way. Before the adventure started, the preteen’s mother tried to teach her daughter everything she would need to know about men, love, and sex. (29,201 Words.)
Story Code: M+/g+, Incest, first time
07 December 2021
A story about an American Soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The only thing keeping him grounded is his family, especially his eight-year-old niece. (26,033 Words.)
Story Code: M/g, b+/g, Incest, piss, rape
07 May 2022

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The Puppy T-shirt
A young girl is abused then prostituted after her mom leaves her. Forced to do unspeakable acts she endures the abuse until she thought she would die, but then she learns how to use her abuse to get her freedom and eventually find a loving family of her own.(40,310 Words.)
Story Code: M/g, M/f, prost, ped, beast, rom
26 May 2021

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Perverted Valley - Introduction
An introduction to Perverted Valley
Story Code: No Sex
27 May 2021
Perverted Valley - The F1 Family
I stumble across a neighbour's family having breakfast fun together and when I returned at night for a second show, I became an actor in their family play (2,729 Words.)
Story Code: M/F, M/g, F/b, Masturbation, Oral, Incest, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
28 May 2021

Nature Nature
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Paradise Island
Alec and John attend a month long stay at a private resort for a specific clientel. John is expecting to relive some of his high school memories, but what follows is more than he could have dreamed of, or bargained for.
Story Code: Mg+, 1st, anal, bondage, caution, cheat, interr, oral, ped, preg, preteen, reluc, toys
03 November 2021

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Soloman’s Revenge
Soloman is not fond of late payments, and has his own methods of punishing those on his bad side. Particularly those with young daughters, nieces, and little sisters.
Story Code: M/ff, ped, preg, voy, exhib
23 January 2022

These stories have been written and published in German
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Jugenderinnerungen - Teil 1: mein erstes Mal
Die zwölfjährige Doro beobachtet ihre Eltern beim Sex und macht mit dem Bruder die ersten eigenen Erfahrungen. 12 year old Doro watches her parents having sex and makes her own first experiences with her brother.
Story Code: m/g, m+/g+, 1st, Bro/Sis, inc, underage sex, preteen, real, German
28 January 2022
Jugenderinnerungen - Teil 2: Gabis Entjungferung
Doros elfjährige Schwester will endlich auch ficken und wird von Bruder Thomas entjungfert. Doros 11 year old sister Gabi finally wants to fuck too, so brother Thomas deflowers her.
Story Code: m/f, m/g, m/fg, f/g, m+/f+g+, Bro/Sis, Sis/Sis, inc, underage sex, preteen, real, German
28 January 2022
Jugenderinnerungen - Teil 3: meine erste Fotzenrasur
Doro rasiert sich zum ersten Mal die Fotze und überrascht damit ihren Bruder an seinem Geburtstag. Doro shaves for the first time and surprises her brother on his birthday.
Story Code: m/f, m/g, m/fg, f/g, m+/f+g+, Bro/Sis, Sis/Sis, inc, underage sex, preteen, real, German
28 January 2022
Das Dorffest
Die dreizehnjährige Ann Marie fickt auf dem Dorffest mit ihrem Freund und wird von dessen Mutter beobachtet. 13 year old Ann Marie fucks with her friend during the summer festival in the village and is watched by his mother.
Story Code: m/f, mm/ff, voy, public, teenage sex, anal, real, German
29 January 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 1 - 3
Ich besuche eine Bekannte aus dem Internet-Chat und ficke mich durch die ganze Familie - von der Großmutter bis zur dreizehnjährigen Enkelin.
Story Code: M/F, M/f, F/f, M/Ff+, inc, teenage sex, ws, piss, sm, spank, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 4-5
Während eines Ausflugs zu einem einsamen Waldsee wird die dreizehnjährige Ann Marie von zwei Fremden überrascht und gefickt.
Story Code: M/f, M+/f, ws, sm, spank, teenage sex, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 6
Wieder auf dem Hof gibt es eine große Orgie mit der ganzen Familie.
Story Code: M/F, M/f, M+/f, Mm+/Ff+, M/Ff+, F/F, F/f, inc, ws, sm, spank, teenage sex, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 7
Am nächsten Morgen spiele ich mit der devoten Nachbarin.
Story Code: M/F, M/f, M+/f, Mm+/Ff+, M/Ff+, F/F, F/f, inc, ws, sm, spank, teenage sex, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 8
Ich nehme die dreizehnjährige Ann Marie mit zu Rock am Ring, wo sie mittels ihrer sexuellen Talente die Wachleute überzeugt, sie auf die Backstage-Party ihrer Lieblingsband zu lassen.
Story Code: M/F, M/f, F/f, M/Ff+, M+/Ff+, inc, teenage sex, ws, piss, celebrity, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 9
Wir genießen den Auftritt von Peep Durple. Die Teenies sind die Attraktion auf der Backstage Party und beeindrucken sowohl die Roclstars als auch die Roadies mit ihrer Geilheit.
Story Code: M/F, M/f, F/f, M/Ff+, M+/Ff+, inc, teenage sex, ws, piss, celebrity, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Besuch bei Freunden - Teil 10 - 11
Ann Marie schenkt mir den Fick mit einer Freundin. Auf der Rückfahrt erlebt sie einen Gangbang mit 10 Motorradrockern.
Story Code: M/f, M+/f teenage sex, ws, piss, deutsch, German
06 Febuary 2022
Abenteuer in den Dünen
Die vierzehnjährige Vivien verbringt ihre Ferien mit der Familie auf Gran Canaria und erlebt in den Dünen zahlreiche erotische Abenteuer. Schon im Flugzeug fängt es an... Bitte helfen Sie mit, ASSTR zu unterstützen, indem Sie hier spenden.
Story Code: m/f, F/f, M/f, MM/f, mm/ff, MM/Ff, mm/fg, inc, deutsch, German
19 Febuary 2022
Kaiser Friedrich II. und Isabella
Im Jahr 1225 heiratet Kaiser Friedrich II. die 13-jährige Isabella. Nach der Entjungferung der Braut verbringt er die Hochzeitsnacht mit ihrer älteren Cousine. (3,964 Wo0rds
Story Code: M/f, F/f, M/F, M/Ff, real, hist, German, deutsch
06 March 2022

Jay F. Mugz
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Playing with baby Jesse
A young, childless couple discover the joy of adding another body into their mix. All the steamier because the child is their young nephew. (3,964 Wo0rds
Story Code: M/F/b, Incest, Underage
09 March 2022
Melissa is growing up - Chapter 1
A Young Melissa is just learning to spread her wings and fly. Mom is helping in every way she can. Two women together are a force of nature, especially for a young boy (3,064 Wo0rds
Story Code: F/f/b, Incest, Underage
11 March 2022
Who Owns Nancy - Chapter 1
A journey of self discovery leads Nancy, a married mother of two, to her next door neighbor boy, Jeremy. She wants nothing more than to be owned and used by him. These are her adventures. (2,114 Words.)
Story Code: F/b, Exhibitionism, Underage
12 March 2022
Fun with Family - Chapter 1
Our nephew Jimmy has come to visit for a week. Who knew having family around could be so much fun? Especially when it's a preteen boy who has a crush on his aunt Carrie. (3,617 Words.)
Story Code: F/b, Exhibitionism, Underage
13 March 2022
Melissa is growing up - Chapter 2
Daughter is beginning to show her depth. She has full developed fantasies, and with her mother's help she'll make them come true...or is that cum true? A young girl, especially one as pretty and sexy as Melissa, can make boys do just about anything she wants. Melissa puts that idea to the test.(2,135 Words.)
Story Code: F/f, g/bb, incest, gay, mother/daughter
14 March 2022
Who Owns Nancy - Chapter 2
Nancy and Jeremy consummate their relationship. The depths of being owned by a boy are just becoming apparent to this suburban mom. (2,397 Words.)"
F/b, first time, Underage sex
16 March 2022
Fun with Family - Chapter 2
Uncle Jay and Jimmy find a little bonding time together in the pool. Sometimes, a boy just needs to learn things from his favorite uncle. (2,515 Words.)
Story Code: M/b(11), Incest, Oral sex, Masturbation, Ped, Underage sex
17 March 2022
Melissa is growing up - Chapter 3
Mel takes things to a new level with her mother…and some friends.(2,432 Words.)
Story Code: F/b/ff Masturbation, Piss, Incest, Underage
17 March 2022
Who Owns Nancy - Chapter 3
Nancy and Jeremy get closer as he uses some of his power over her. Nancy will have to make choices about her husband and family over her young lover. (2,837 Words.)
F/b, M/F, cuckhold, Underage sex
18 March 2022
Fun with Family - Chapter 3
Carrie and Jay unexpectedly include young Jimmy in their sex life...A surprisingly good turn of events! (2,295 Words.)
Story Code: M/F/b(11), Underage sex
21 March 2022
Melissa is growing up - Chapter 4
Melissa is learning how to be in charge and to plan group activities…porn is so very helpful.(1,651 Words.)
Story Code: F/b/ff, masturbation, exhibitionism, incest, Underage
21 March 2022
Who Owns Nancy - Chapter 4
Nancy and Jeremy go out on a date. His preteen imagination has been working overtime, and all of it for Nancy's benefit. She'll meet a couple of his elementary school friends. (2,589 Words.)
F/b+, exhibitionism, Underage sex
23 March 2022
Fun with Family - Chapter 4
Jimmy video chats with a little friend, giving Uncle Jay a show to remember. (2,396 Words.)
Story Code: M/F/b/g, mutual masturbation,sex, Underage sex
24 March 2022
Melissa is growing up - Chapter 5
Melissa is learning how to be in charge and to plan group activities…who knew her friend’s new puppy could be so much fun? (3,665 Words.)
Story Code: F/f, Masturbation, Beastiality, Exhibitionism, Incest, Porn, Underage sex
27 March 2022
Who Owns Nancy - Chapter 5
Nancy tells husband John that he's now beholden to the whims of a boy if he wants his wife's pussy. Meanwhile, she has a date where Jeremy will share her with his friends--and others--at a sleepover party. Nancy will be the entertainment for the evening. (5,297 Words.)
M/F, F/b+, Cuckhold, Exhibitionism, Beastiality, Underage sex
28 March 2022
Fun with Family - Chapter 5
Jimmy gets a little time with Carrie, uncle joins in... (2,143 Words.)
Story Code: M/F/b, sex, Underage sex
30 March 2022
Melissa is growing up - Chapter 6
Melissa and Katya need a vacation! Time for a roadtrip. Where will Spring Break take them and who will they encounter? The car is always a good place to discover your exhibitionist tendencies, don't you think? (3,429 Words.)
Story Code: F/M/f, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Incest, Underage sex
01 April 2022
Meeting a pedophile - Chapter 1
A new mom in the neighborhood comes to the park with her daughter. She's the only one who seems to recognize the pedophile quietly watching the children play...especially her own daughter. Mom makes the momentous decision to meet this pervert, and maybe more. (3,189 Words.)
Story Code: M/F/g, nosex, voyeurism, Underage sex
02 April 2022
Who Owns Nancy - Chapter 6
Nancy is living the life of an owned woman. She begins to think of new ways to serve her underage master, including cutting off husband John and offering her own kids. (2,446 Words.)
M, g, Mast, Cuckhold, Underage, Incest
04 April 2022

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City of Joy
An unnamed disaster wipes out the adult population leaving teens and children to fend for themselves. With the best of intentions, a teen aged couple decide to try save the children. As a group they discover love, in all its forms, as they desperately fight for survival in this emotionally charged rollercoaster. (4,927 Words.)
mf, mg, rom, cons, oral, voy, piv, preg, ws
07 May 2022
Dear Sophia
Mark seeks to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife Sophia. The only problem is that she is a lesbian and has no desire for him as a man. How far will he go and can he succeed? (4,300 Words.)
MFFg9g10, rom, cons, ped, les, piv, ws
20 May 2022
Bad Boyfriend
A young single mother with a young daughter found a new daddy using the Tinder app. Will she succeed to entice him to stay by submitting the only thing she has; her and her daughter's sexual offerings? (4,343 Words.)
MFg7, ped, les, anal, rape, sad, M-dom, viol, scat, oral
08 June 2022
Orphanage Studio
A young single mother with a young daughter found a new daddy using the Tinder app. Will she succeed to entice him to stay by submitting the only thing she has; her and her daughter's sexual offerings? (5,854 Words.)
MF/g+, ped, caution, scat, M-dom, F-dom, rape, tort, violence, anal, piv, 1st, ws
09 June 2022
Three American men escape their Russian prison camp at the end of the war. Finally free, they enjoy the spoils-of-war as the Rape-Gang. (5,000 Words.)
M+\Fg7g6, M+F\Ffg3, ped, caution, rape, piv, anal, sad, viol, tort, ws
14 June 2022
Flesh Mattress
Peter transcends from regular man to living God. His female slaves become his living Flesh Mattress. (2,300 Words.)
M\F+g+, ped, rape, anal, tort, piv, 1st
18 June 2022
Orphanage Studio 2: The Nuns Arrive
Sequal to Orphanage Studio. Adrian trains the nuns to run the Orphanage so that he can start his next venture. (1,438 Words.)
Mff/g9, ped, caution, sm, Mdom, fdom, anal, rape, copr
26 June 2022
Orphanage Studio 3: Sweat-Shop Discipline
Sequel to Orphanage Studio 2. Alicia disciplines a sweat-shop slave-girl and discovers a new way to self-harm. (1,396 Words.)
F/g11, M/g12, ped, caution, sm, rape, torture, F-solo, piv
28 June 2022
Orphanage Studio 4: New-Born Porn
Adrian realizes his dream of raping a new-born baby girl at the sweat-shop. Will it be everything he imagined it would be? (1,453 Words.)
MF/g12, MF/g0, ped, caution, rape, preg, piv, viol, anal
01 July 2022
The Prostitute's Daughter
David's tenant is a prostitute with a seven year old daughter. When the whore disappears, David sexually enslaves the young girl with his girlfriend. (5,538 Words.)
MF/g7, M/g7g11, ped, caution, rape, sm, torture, piv, anal
11 July 2022